Andeh  /  17 Aug 2015, 07:30
EQL signups are open!
While the amazing Duelmania Worldwide just started, another well known QuakeWorld tournament opens its signups! EQL is back with its 20th edition! Head over to their homepage to sign your team up. If you don't have a team and you still want to play, a good idea is to drop in to #quakeworld, #qwrookie or #div99 to find team mates. I'm sure there are others in the exact same position!

EQL homepage + signups!
2015-08-17, 07:32
2015-08-17, 08:50
20th edition... respect!
Let's see which teams join the gathering this time.
2015-08-17, 09:21
Would be nice with atleast 10 teams but who knows
2015-08-17, 16:42
Good luck!
2015-08-18, 10:10
Thanks andy, I think we are gonna need it!
2015-08-20, 07:03
back by public demand!
2015-08-20, 08:15
2015-08-20, 12:19
Nice leopold!
Ive spread it on all quakeworld pages I know of on facebook as well
2015-08-20, 14:27
Doing my grassroot thing spamming clans .. :p
2015-08-24, 10:16
Great ocoini
2015-08-24, 23:57
I can join some clan if anyone interested ofc .
2015-08-25, 08:34
Check with Fatal Error
They are only 4 guys atm
2015-08-25, 12:20
Suddendeath just signed up, wohoo!
2015-08-25, 13:00
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