mushi  /  20 Jul 2015, 20:57
Duelmania Worldwide
The most well known QuakeWorld duel tournament is back!

Just in time to take advantage of the 400 world-wide QuakeWorld servers, it is the first tri-continental tournament in the history of first person shooters!


With the addition of a number of new strategically placed servers around the globe aimed to narrow the ping gap between regions and continents, we are now in the unique position to run a competitive multi-continent QuakeWorld duel tournament and we are even putting our money where our mouth is.

Yes, there will be prizes for the winners.
Everyone is invited!

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This is an historic moment mates.

Leave the whine aside, we hope the whole community joins this tournament in tribute to the greatest PC game ever made! Hopefully there will be some surprises along the way, but right now it is time to SIGN UP and enjoy this unique tournament, which will bring together QuakeWorld fans from around the world!

and join #duelmania on QuakeNet IRC Network.

Take your part in this historic moment. It will be worth it.

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2015-07-20, 22:46
hell yes!
2015-07-21, 08:06
Nice one
2015-07-21, 12:27
2015-07-21, 14:06
YEY indeed!

Call your friends, post on facebook... Lets all advertise this, do not forget there are PRIZES and there will be LIVE COVERAGE, and maybe even some SURPRISES along the way...
2015-07-21, 14:30
This newspost deserves more work to be honest But amazing news!! I also get an annoying message - "you are already signed up" when I try to sign up. Obviously I haven't already signed up and my name is not listed. Any idea how to fix this?
2015-07-21, 14:55
andeh fixed signup.
feel free to improve everything you think it can be improved
2015-07-21, 21:50
x1bot->North Brazil
2015-07-22, 01:34

(Edited 2015-07-27, 01:32)
2015-07-23, 18:17
fu.. touched the signup button
2015-07-23, 21:36
Bringing up the rear
2015-07-25, 09:20

(Edited 2015-07-27, 01:32)
2015-07-26, 02:19
Where I can find schedule of the tournament?
2015-07-26, 05:59
2015-07-26, 06:33
2015-08-01, 13:25
Very nice seeing this. It's pretty great that two separate things were joined together to create something better. Only running world-wide duelmania without those strategic servers or only installing those servers without making some good use of them would not create such a great effect. Sometimes 1+1 is more than 2
2015-08-11, 18:23
when does it start?
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