praxismo  /  9 Apr 2015, 21:22
Thunderdome duel league season #4 signups open - designer(s) needed!
A new season of Thunderdome's duel league is fast approaching. Format is division based and international, which gives players of more similiar skill levels and pings the ability to play more matches. This year we are looking for a quick tournament with around 8 players per division, with each match a bo3. Maps are the usual tb5, with perhaps some more thrown in before the tournament starts.

We are also looking for designers to help out with our front page, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Interested parties should sign up in European section HERE, in North American section HERE, or express interest on IRC #Thunderdome.
2015-04-14, 09:57
Sign up for some crazy frags as usual!

nice going with the division system - all players will have fun in every match!

2015-04-14, 16:12
I'd like to sign up, but it won't let me log in... Requesting a new password doesn't work either. It does send me a new password, but that one is invalid too. What to do?
2015-04-14, 17:10
We had this happen the other day to someone else and VVD sorted it, I shall pass this on to him.
2015-04-14, 20:28
I can do something in photoshop if ya'll want - PM me
2015-04-14, 21:33
Andeh, ur login is «sd_andeh», I can to change password - slap me in IRC.

marffinn, QI_Network working on design of site now - u can ask him and make work together.
2015-04-16, 06:08
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