mushi  /  20 Mar 2015, 17:11
Sunday Spawnfragging #2 Playoffs next Sunday
you have probably heard of Sunday Spawnfragging that ocoini organized in the last weeks. It runs on Sundays, and next Sunday the 22nd is no exception. This time, Playoffs for SS#2!

Brackets are on Challonge. Some teams need more players. if you have free time on sunday, from 18h CET, hop in #quakeworld!

If you'de like to watch the games, stay tuned on QTV. Don't forget the popcorn!
2015-03-20, 17:27
Nice. Can you do another article for the draft tourney?

2015-03-22, 20:46
Third place : 0200! Congratulations on beating d99 in bronze match

Finals: Fraggers United vs Unload - Next sunday 18:00 cet !

2015-03-22, 23:01
Thanks! Thriller games was sweating my ass off hehe. Keep it the good work ocoini u rock!!
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