Andeh  /  2 Feb 2015, 21:28 writes about QuakeWorld, interviews Andeh
Today, published an article about QuakeWorld and interviewed Andeh from team Suddendeath.


"QuakeWorld is a game with one of, if not, the longest competitive histories. The grandfather of the deathmatch FPS still boasts active servers and a loyal player base almost 20 years since itís birth. I sat down with Swedish QuakeWorld player and community member, Andreas ďAndehĒ Wahl, to talk all things Quake. With its genre defining legacy spanning 3 decades, thereís no shortage of content to discuss. Andeh is a member of the esteemed QuakeWorld team Sudden Death, and runs SuddenDeath TV, the premier QuakeWorld broadcaster."

Head over and read the article by clicking HERE!

Any and every exposure QuakeWorld gets to the general FPS scene is great for us and everyone who loves QuakeWorld like we do!

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2015-02-02, 21:41
Where's the love for the USA community, sad sane.
2015-02-02, 22:17
Nice read. Very well done Andeh !!!! du ska ha TACK
2015-02-04, 04:04
2015-03-06, 16:07
this sux :E
2015-03-09, 01:33
2015-03-18, 20:39
this sux?
Andeh <3
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