dimman  /  26 Jan 2015, 15:52
The Quakeworld Wiki is back!
After a long period of brokenness, the Quakeworld Wiki is now back up accepting new users!

A lot of spam users has been deleted from the database together with a lot of spam pages. In this work it's possible that some real users accidentally got deleted too. In that case we're sorry for the inconvenience, just re-register again and all should be fine.

Read on...
To be able to add or edit pages on the wiki a user must now have a confirmed email address. This confirmation will be sent out upon registration but please note that it may take several hours for it to arrive, and don't forget to check your junk folder in case it accidentally ended up there.

We're hoping for a lot of new content and new users so happy Wiki'ing

(If you see spam pages or spam users in the wiki, don't hesitate to contact us through SITE -> Contact on this webpage).
2015-01-27, 12:05

the old login system allowed many spambot registrations... it took alot of time to cleanup.
hopefully that is minimized/fixed now

2015-01-27, 13:27
2015-01-27, 15:18
I'm currently keeping an eye on it mushi. It requires email verification before being able to add/edit pages right now atleast. Would be nice to connect it with user database, shouldn't be that hard, there's support for AuthPlugin in MediaWiki so if a PHP hacker wants to look at it be my guest!
2015-01-27, 15:40
2015-01-27, 18:15
cute, someone make a d99 page ^^
2015-01-28, 13:42
2015-01-29, 15:33
I'm a php coder
2015-01-30, 10:54
Great, let me know when you have something and we'll take a look at it. It's basically just to override some functions. Look at mediawiki and authplugin
2015-01-31, 20:37
2015-02-02, 06:07
i cant create account
2015-02-02, 06:25
Fake Wiki?
2015-02-02, 09:12
What error do you get tsobo?
2015-02-14, 15:35
hey - I registered a week ago or so, but I'm not getting a confirmation mail.
So i can't:
"Confirm your e-mail address" ...
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