Ake Vader  /  2 Jan 2015, 16:45
Quad Damage Tournament in the US
The American Quaker and caster Jehar has come forward with the initiative to run a Quad Damage Tournament featuring QuakeWorld, Quake 2, Quake Live and Quake 4 in a series of separate cups. The cups take place on a single map and it's Aerowalk that has been chosen for all games. The first cup takes place tomorrow (Saturday) between 19:00CET and 01:00CET with the game featured then being QuakeWorld. Read on for more info.
Information from the source post on ESR:

The (in)famous Quad Damage tournament is back! Uniting Quake players from every title, the Quad Damage will span four games across four weeks: QuakeWorld, Quake II, Quake Live, and Quake IV. To keep the focus on game differences rather than map knowledge, we'll be showcasing the tried and true Aerowalk in each game. Playing in any week will net you points - playing in multiple games will net you bonus points!

ADDITION: There is now a $150 prize pool for players who manage to get Top3 in ALL FOUR GAMES. This is a *separate* prize pool on top of the merchandise prizing for each individual cup. The potential splits are as follows:

1 Player Top3 All Games:

2 Players Top3 All Games:
1- $100
2- $50

3 Players Top3 All Games:
1 - $80
2 - $45
3 - $25

Sign up on Xfire to participate!
2015-01-02, 16:51
Apparently you can sign up to the QW cup without having to sign up for any other cup, however you'll obviously be at a disadvantage when calculating the overall points. Also i think it's nice to at least play one of the other games if you're participating in your homegame cup.

To get the games you have the following options i guess
Q2: (basically an nQuake package)
Q4: Need to buy the game i guess
2015-01-05, 04:05
well that sounds tempting! but f%ck Q4... :x
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