Ake Vader  /  14 Oct 2014, 10:40
Refragged Rookie Classic Cup 19th Oct
On Sunday there will be a Refragged Rookie Classic Cup for beginners and extremely low skilled players to take part in. The cup will take place during Sunday evening, with check-in between 18:30-19:00CEST and then the cup is played between 19:00-23:00CEST (depending on amount of participants). The map pool is the classic DM2, DM4, DM6, Aerowalk and ZTNDM3 where people will battle it out in best-of-three maps series in a single-elimination bracket.

Head on over to check out the rules, then register on the site and sign up for the cup! If you already have a user but forgot the password then send an e-mail to info [at] and we will straighten out that issue.

Update: 15 players signed up at the time of writing this (thursday). Don't hesitate to sign up if you're a beginner!
2014-10-14, 10:46
Let me know if something doesn't make sense. Only wrote things up quickly during the lunch break to give people some more time to sign up. Also only migrated to new layout yesterday so might be bugs there too. :}

As usual people might wonder how low skilled players are defined and my only answer is that it's decided on an individual basis. The worse player you are, the more welcome you are in the cup basically.
2014-10-14, 12:14
Great news Ake Vader, just hope there are enough rookies around.
2014-10-14, 12:52
Just realised mobile site adaption is crap, will see if I can disable it tonight.
2014-10-14, 13:33
spotted a few noobs around recently, hopefully they see this and participate
2014-10-14, 14:59
Now on ESR too:
2014-10-14, 16:38
Maybe I can participate, I think I can .
2014-10-15, 12:11
12 signups so far, keep 'em coming!

And bring a friend!
2014-10-15, 19:26
Who signed up already?
2014-10-15, 19:44
There's the signup list
2014-10-15, 19:46
2014-10-15, 21:23
professional nub reporting for duty
2014-10-15, 21:40
Probably gonna lag like hell but I'll try to play.
2014-10-18, 23:47
as usual, I vote for moving startup by 1 hour, from 19 to 20:00 CEST!
2014-10-19, 22:06
Congrats to Bolwind, cup winner tonight! There will be another opportunity on Wednesday 29th October; check out the cup page.

Edit: Updated the date for the next cup, moved it to Wednesday 29th October instead.
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