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TheBadPlace by Besmella.quake progress...
There hasn't been too many upsets in the DM4 tournament, but there's certainly been a few good games. We are now approaching the last couple of games, and all the top notch players are about to face eachother... Read on for predictions and matchups!
DM4 is an action filled map, mostly. It does however in most cases lack upsets, as once you reach DM4 enlightenment, you are very unlikely to lose to lesser skilled players. This shows quite well in this tournament, as every top player has made it through to the final rounds.

Most games have been quite one sided, but there's one game that comes to mind where an 'upset' could have happened - bps vs dirtbox. The series did end 2-0 in bps' favor, but the scores of the games tell the real story. With a combined fragcount, bps only won the series 38-30. That's an 8 frag difference over two games, which is indeed very close. Dirtbox is of course a quite seasoned dm4-player, so perhaps it would be misleading calling it an upset should he have won. GGs though!

We are now approaching the upper bracket semi-finals. These semi-finals are particularly interesting, not only because of the very stacked line-up, but also because of all the history involved between these players. Let's take a look at the matchups.

Locust vs bps:

This will be an interesting one. On paper, one will definitely favor Locust here. Most people rank Locust as one of the best dm4 players out there and probably think this will be an easy obstacle for him to overcome. I think it will be closer than that. Locust and bps have a long history of games between eachother, mostly on aerowalk. These two players share the same desire to beat eachother that every game between them becomes tense and exciting. They play eachother quite often, and each time one of them will end up angry and disappointed for the rest of the evening. Just imagine what happens when they face eachother in a tournament setting! Whoever loses this one will definitely feel it for a long time to come.

My prediction: Locust 2 - 0 bps. While bps certainly can get into Locust' head and mess him up a bit, I think Locust is the better player on dm4 and I think it will be enough to collect the win.


Rikoll vs LocKtar:

Wow, how many times have we seen these two players go up against eachother? However, normally they would play eachother in the big 5 maps. This time, we're only talking dm4. Now, while the norwegian definitely has the upper hand against LocKtar and usually manages to dismantle him quite easily, a best of 3 on dm4 might just be LocKtar's chance to bring this one home. Both of them are extremely good dm4 players, and with dm4 being LocKtar's favorite map lately... who knows? This could go either way, if LocKtar decides to show up warmed up and not hung-over.

My prediction: Rikoll 2 -1 LocKtar. I hope this one will be close. A match-up of this caliber deserves the epicness of a close dm4 game.


Before I wrap this one up, I want to mention that we still have another player left in the tournament that could cause some trouble for the 4 remaining players in the upper bracket, namely Carapace. Carapace did go down decisively against Rikoll, but there is a big chance that he'll fight his way through the lower bracket and cause some problems for whoever loses and has to face him.

On that note, keep track of IRC when the matches get scheduled, and I will do my best to get to stream them on SuddendeathTV!

Good luck to all remaining players!

2014-10-03, 15:15
i love u loeckchen!
2014-10-03, 17:51
Don't forget a bracket link!
2014-10-03, 18:11
2014-10-07, 10:28
me and rikoll are trying to schedule a date to play, but i have alot of things to do this week, so we probobly play this sunday i hope! i get back to you with further information!
2014-10-07, 12:01
Yeah, what LocKtar said. Our game has proven a bit hard to schedule as we both seem to have a lot of other stuff going on at the moment. But Sunday should work out for me as well, so hopefully we'll be able to play the game then.

Thanks for the nice update, Andeh. We need more stuff like this.
2014-10-07, 15:17
Alright, good stuff! I'll make sure to stream it on SuddendeathTV!
2014-10-12, 12:25
Both LocKtar vs Rikoll and bps vs locust will be played tonight! Don't miss it :-)
2014-10-12, 19:43
The game between LocKtar and Locust was postponed, I'll announce new date and time when I learn of it
2014-10-12, 20:41
Alright: tomorrow (monday) 20:00 CEST - Rikoll vs LocKtar, WB semi-finals of the DM4 tournament.
2014-10-14, 01:12
LocKtar vs Rikoll -
bps vs locust:
2014-10-21, 17:15
Baggy brackets: - no horisontal scroll. Can't see right part with 1280 pixels resolution. With "zoom out" it's unreadable.
2014-10-22, 07:44
Try to drag the page by clicking on it and moving your mouse.
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