dimman  /  23 Sep 2014, 11:05
EQL 19 Signups are open!
Yesterday evening Hooraytio opened the registration for a new season of EQL, number 19 in order.
Get your team together and header over there to sign up!
From EQL webpage:

I truly hope that there are enough souls out there to muster atleast 15-20 teams for another season. I will give it a try atleast so gather your mates and show the online gaming community that we still got some sparks left.

The signups will close on October 5th, the season will start on October 6th and go on untill November 23rd. Playoffs will then begin and end before christmas.

If there are enough teams there will be two divisions.

Map pool will be TB3.
All season games BO3 and all playoff games BO5.

Now gather your mates and signup!

2014-09-23, 11:26
Well done!
2014-09-23, 11:36
great news!
too bad i cannot play...
hopefully some teambuilding iniciatives will pop up
2014-09-24, 09:29
How long do we have to sign up? We are just finalising the line-up for our team before submitting the request.
2014-09-24, 11:49
It is right there but ill post it again: The signups will close on October 5th

2014-09-24, 18:16
haha, i never click 'read full article'
2014-09-28, 15:56
2014-10-03, 11:46
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