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empezar  /  28 Jun 2014, 10:24
Classic Fortress beta release
hifi and empezar have been working hard on a new QuakeWorld modification for the past few weeks, and development has come to a stage where the mod needs to be thoroughly tested for bugs. Classic Fortress is basically Team Fortress with a lot of code rewrites, bug fixes and general improvements that make the experience more enjoyable and user friendly. The aim of the project is to provide a complete experience from client to server, much like nQuake. But since ezQuake is not very user friendly when it comes to configuration, a Classic Fortress client has been developed on top of ezQuake 3.0 sources that is solely meant to be used for Classic Fortress games.

It is therefore strongly recommended you use the client package when playing Classic Fortress due to it having several features built-in that makes configuration easier (menu system custom made for Classic Fortress and automatic sbar resizing, to name a few).

Download the client package from The download is 16 mb.

Read more about Classic Fortress on the Classic Fortress wiki.

If you are interested in helping out with beta testing, join the channel #classicfortress.

The public beta server address is

Please use the Classic Fortress client to beta test, as the team wants the whole package to be tested.
New features
Grenade timers.
Grenade slot switching.
Weapon slots (1-4).
Next/previous weapon.
Last weapon.
Sensitivity scaling upon sniper zooming.
Sniper zoom key which zooms in regardless of sniper rifle status (setinfo zk 1).
Two sniper zoom modes (2x and 4x) which can be manually set with setinfo z2x and z4x.
Reverse sniper zoom order with setinfo zr 1.
New scout scanner menu.
New demoman detpack menu.
New sentry gun rotation menu.
Stop building/disguising upon pressing "last weapon" bind.

Improved consistent grammar.
Remember current weapon and last weapon after dying.
Team player count in team selection menu.
Sniper smooth zooming is now a lot faster (disable smooth zooming with setinfo zi 1).
More responsive menus (rewritten menu code).
No more sbar blinking (rewritten sbar code).
Revised dispenser use menu.
Revised sentry gun menu.
Revised engineer build menu.
Revised spy disguise menu.
Overall improved menus.
Allow engineer build menu to be opened even while in the air.
Engineers can now only dismantle their own buildings and rotate their own sentry guns.
Engineer dismantle messages show how many cells you got back.

Max 6 active demoman pipes allowed (down from 7).
No limit to team pipes/flares/ammoboxes.
Engineer can only rotate own sentry.
Remove decimals from sentry gun status.
Class configs are now executed from /fortress/classes/ subdirectory.
Allow team changing.
Any non-valid impulse now closes the active menu.

Removed weapon messages for weapons without weapon modes.
Removed bioweapon (merged into medikit).
Removed grapple hook.
Removed birthday mode.
Removed engineer mortar (not used anymore).
Removed bindings menu.
Removed class help.

Fixed the spamming weapon messages (e.g. Tranquiliser gun selected).
Fixed the sentry gun menu to not close prematurely.
Fixed broken ammo display.
Fixed endless intermission bug.
Fixed bug where players got stuck in intermission mode upon map change and hence could not respawn.
Major code cleanup and rewrites.
2014-06-29, 12:54
Well done boys!
2014-06-29, 14:06
Gonna be fun trying this out. Been curious on TF for a while but it always ruined my cfg.
2014-06-29, 16:10
Classic Fortress is ideally installed in its own directory so it should not mess with anything at all. No registry settings, no start menu items, no associations and no uninstaller. Just delete the folder and it's gone forever.
2014-07-06, 12:46
Saving this for that one day in the future... Good job!
2014-07-25, 12:09
Why dont you guys merge your changes with OZTF (or just add some mods from it)? There are a lot of improvements that we've been using for a decade in Brazil... It would be nice to add it in ClassicFortress too... i.e. pyro heavy/light rocket launcher, no more stuck grenades after a reload, etc

vegetous has the source code of OZTF last known version (he has an account in forum... if you like the idea send a PM to him).
2014-08-09, 21:09
It's easier said than done to "merge changes" with OZTF since every line of code has been changed in OZTF (probably by some program that cleans up code) and thus no diff patches can be made for anything. There's no git page detailing the code for each feature. We'd have to skim through the code, looking for the changes we want to include.

It probably takes a lot less time if we just get feature requests and implement them in CF our way.
2014-08-10, 20:52
This is some really great stuff. We played some Classic Fortress last night on spaz4 for a while with about 10 people and had a great time.
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