Ake Vader  /  5 Jun 2014, 18:28
One-map tournament: The Bad Place by Besmella-Quake
As the one-map tournament Claustrophobolis (by Besmella-Quake) is approaching its end, Dirtbox has announced that a follow-up tournament with the same concept has opened for registration. This time the tournament will take place on DM4, one of the most hardcore duel maps in the QuakeWorld realm.

Head on over to the DM4 tournament site
2014-06-05, 18:31
I'm not sure when this actually starts, just wanted to get the news out there...
2014-06-05, 19:05
best 1x1 map !!!!! (the most "fair", able to turn things around, if you are losing)
2014-06-05, 20:44
It will start after Claustrophobopolis ends... The plan is to run through TB3 and those 2 kenya maps everyone seems to like.
2014-06-08, 13:29
bravado and exile?!
2014-06-08, 14:01
Doomed, clearly!
2014-06-08, 17:55
Bravado is a qwenya copyrighted map now, no one can use it without paying us some royalties !
2014-06-09, 00:14
so... no one will use it :x lol
2014-06-10, 06:40
hippos.bsp and oldcrat.bsp
2014-06-29, 19:57
I'm looking forward to watch this tournament!
2014-07-21, 09:21
draw is up
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