Ake Vader  /  1 Jun 2014, 22:15
Rikoll winner of Refragged Classic Cup
After an intense evening filled with thrilling games it stood clear that Rikoll was the king of the evening, defeating Locktar in the final.
Just coming back from a bit of a QuakeWorld absence, Rikoll has started to sharpen his skills yet again in time for summer. The final against Locktar was only supposed to be a best of three maps series, but the both duelers was hungry for more and agreed on a best of five maps battle. It went all the way to a deciding map where Rikoll proved too strong and claimed victory in the first edition of the Refragged Classic Cup, a simple evening cup aimed to encourage activity.

The final top finishers were:
  • Rikoll
  • Locktar
  • Bps / Carapace

Demos and map stats can be found under each match linked from the cup bracket.

VODs with commentary from SuddendeathTV:
Semi-final 1: Carapace vs LocKtar part 1 | part 2
Semi-final 2: bps vs Rikoll
GRAND FINALS, Rikoll vs LocKtar

And two little highlight videos, MUST SEE:
bps' amazing kill on Rikoll (#passion for quakeworld)
The crazy last minute between LocKtar and Rikoll on dm2

Writer: Ake_vader
Editor: andeh
2014-06-01, 23:43
awesome games!!! These kind of level matches should happen more times!
2014-06-02, 07:11
Agreed, was short and sweet!

And I'll never spec Locktar again, it is too nerve wrecking, like camping _on_ the tele spot on dm2 or blowing full control on dm6 just because he can, on dm6 it was just too obvious that those moves would go wrong And the second time after managing to break control against Rikoll, not excactly an easy task on dm6.

I am still trembling when I remember those situations

Great games!

Finals (and maybe semis) should always be bo5.
2014-06-02, 08:07
Locktar plays for the show, that's why we love him
And I agree about bo5 for semis and finals, if there's time, please make them bo5 !
2014-06-02, 08:40
I will keep BO3 as default due to time constraints. This time it was only a 16 player bracket (with 12 actual players), next time there may be 32 and then there's suddenly one more round of bo3 to be played.

It's not meant to be a super serious cup, just a small cup where players know they can get some action.
2014-06-02, 09:13
Bo5 is not about being serious, it's about us spectator having more of a show
2014-06-02, 15:11
Edited the newspost and added VODs and proper links. Also added a little highlight :-)

Well played all!
2014-06-02, 15:12
About bo3/bo5: generally in tournaments in all games, the grand finals in particular use to be longer than the previous semi finals or quarterfinals. If semi-finals are bo5, finals should be bo7, and so on. If semi-finals are bo3, then finals can be bo5.

This means that I think the finals ONLY should be bo5, and the semi-finals/quarters bo3.
2014-06-02, 15:19
2014-06-02, 15:42
Caught some of the games live, good stuff!!!

That last game DM6 was delicioso!
2014-06-02, 15:52
1-day single-elimination tournaments for games with similar formats (such as quake live) often run with bo5 finals, bo3 top 16, bo1 beyond, so this format isn't exactly unusual. You can't underestimate how much time 2-3 potential extra maps per match adds to the length of a tournament round, and time is a precious commodity in these short events.
2014-06-02, 19:55
Very nice tournament! I love to see good quakeworld skills and frags! Keep the tourneys alive! Congrats!
2014-06-03, 11:06
Added another highlight video
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