Ake Vader  /  26 May 2014, 17:54
Refragged Classic Cup on Sunday
If you still haven't properly gone on summer QuakeWorld vacation quite yet, there will be an opportunity to play a Sunday classic 1on1 cup on the 1st of June (i.e. this week). It will be a single elimination cup played in best of three maps on DM2, DM4, DM6, ZTNDM3 and Aerowalk.

Check-in opens: 18:30CEST
Check-in closes: 19:00CEST
Cup starts: 19:00CEST
Cup ends: 23:00CEST (estimated, depends on participants)

Head on over to the tournament site to read more and sign up
2014-05-26, 17:57
If you already have a user but forgot the username (i.e. you participated in the previous rookie cups) then let me know and I'll sort it out as there is no request password feature yet. :p
2014-05-26, 18:28
Ake, at which hour do you think this round will start?
2014-05-26, 18:35
Updated the news post now and also clarified that it's central european summer time as that's what's used in Sweden now.
2014-05-26, 18:38
Thanks Can't make it again, it's too early. Good luck for all participants!
2014-05-27, 05:33
This is pretty cool. Regular 1-day duel cups have done a lot for games with similar activity problems, so I hope this goes well for you.
2014-05-27, 06:10
Thx Stev.

Also a reminder to people who registered on the website; don't forget to also actually sign up for the cup itself (done in the "sign up" page for the specific cup)
2014-05-27, 16:17
I love this!
2014-05-28, 13:08
Hey, when I try to log in it says "Invalid credentials provided". Could you sign me up? <.< No idea why it won't let me log in.
2014-05-28, 15:31
@Andeh: Check your messages. I reset your password and signed you up for the tournament. GLHF!
2014-05-29, 10:11
Don't forget to sign up guys, would be great to have at least 16 players! Although i realised it's summer i'm surprised FB + ESR posts didn't yield a single signup. Is the site that messy or are people simple in vacation mode?
2014-05-29, 10:29
Perfect format! Signed up
2014-05-29, 11:56
That's awesome Rikoll, looks like we will see some h!o!t! games
2014-05-31, 19:30
Hot, go Rikoll!
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