Andeh  /  13 May 2014, 20:49
Andeh interviewed about LocKtar by Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
In the midst of a great dm2 tournament, a great dm2 player has been celebrated on Duncan 'Thorin' Shields' new feature called "The player I'm passionate about". Duncan Shields is an e-sports journalist who works for He is also interested in QuakeWorld, and decided to include Suddendeath's player and commentator Andreas 'andeh' Wahl about a player that he is passionate about. Read on...

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The dm2 tournament "Claustrophobopolis by besmella.quake" is the hot topic right now in the QuakeWorld realms and what better time to celebrate the great dm2 player Dennis 'LocKtar' Larsson?

Duncan "Thorin" Shields is a well-known esports journalist and esports historian currently working for He has a series called "Reflections" in which he interviews professional players about their lives within esports and now he has decided to create a new series called "The player I'm passionate about".

"The player I'm passionate about" is a feature in which a pro, journalist or fan talks about a player they are passionate about in esports history. In the first episode, andeh, QW commentator for SuddendeathTV, explains what he loves about the play of movement master Dennis 'LocKtar' Larsson.

Make sure not to miss this 27 minutes long interview and feel free to leave a comment on the article to show the appreciation of the QuakeWorld community that such huge esports sites like still include us in their shows! Registering to their homepage takes merely a minute or two.

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Long live QuakeWorld!
2014-05-13, 22:10
That game you mentioned, bulat vs LocKtar @ dm2 - I never saw it and I had to watch it right after that interview. Indeed, fantastic come back done by LocKtar (
2014-05-14, 10:42
A working link for the same game can be found here:

LocKtar vs BuLaT
2014-05-14, 10:49
Chtv is working too Andeh.
2014-05-14, 13:01
Nice Andeh!

Btw, I had no idea chtv was online again, thats great!
2014-05-14, 13:44
in case it's down again, here is local mirror of all quakeworld demos:
2014-05-14, 14:34
I told DonKing chtv was down about a month ago, and 5 minutes later it was back up, it's like he just didn't know the site was down, not even a real problem...
2014-05-14, 16:11
WP Andeh!
2014-05-15, 14:22
@d2: I get an error message from the link you provided, but when I search for the game manually it works... No idea why. Oh well, either link works, important part is that people have a look at the game
2014-05-15, 15:41
Nice interview Andeh
2014-05-18, 20:27
thought it would be me you woulda pick
2014-05-20, 19:56
Insanely good drive in the shots!
Lovely interview.
+1 for superb english (for being a swede)
2014-05-21, 10:04
Andeh sure knows english, but what do i know, im STUPID?!?!?
2014-05-22, 13:46
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