Andeh  /  8 May 2014, 10:03
DM2 by besmella.quake first impressions!
The tournament has started and the first round(s) have been played. It's been a blast already! Read on for some in-depth talk about the tournament and the games!

Brackets HERE.
Even though some consider QuakeWorld a dead game, this tournament truly proves the differ. A dm2 tournament with players like LocKtar, bps, Xterm and Griffin certainly is one worth spectating.
That's right. Griffin is playing, and he is playing well. Thus far he hasn't lost a single map and he has already faced a couple of really good opponents, namely bps, andeh and The_Dead.

I am pretty sure that if you look back a month or two, nobody would believe that there would be a dm2 tournament with such a stacked lineup with legends returning and current top players playing in the near future.


Round one:

We didn't see any particular upsets in round one, except for the fact that there was almost not a single drop-out. Only one game had to be awarded a walk-over which is a huge success. Most games ended the way everyone would think they would end. Sadly for mm, he ended up facing Xterm in the first round, which ended up in a quick entry into the Loser's bracket for the Swedish player. Make no mistake, mm is a stellar dm2 player so I am pretty sure that he'll wreak havoc in the Loser's bracket. A part from that, no 'upsets' were made. The top players beat their respective opponent and they all moved on to the next round.

A small shoutout should be given for the tightest game between Mushi and Panic (sherriluv). Their second game ended in a nailbiting 7-6 victory for Mushi, however with Panic having fired a rocket that would have killed Mushi that was only the tenth of an inch away from his face when the time ran out. Was quite a game to spectate!


Round two:

As we are in the second week of the tournament, not all round two games have been played. I'd like to take this moment to remind everyone that the deadline for the second round is Sunday the 11th.

However, we have seen a few games. Kippo managed to take down Mushi, bps threw his teammate Trash into the Loser's bracket and Griffin beat andeh in a two game sweep. Griffin is indeed looking hot, especially taking the next part into consideration...


Round three:

One game has actually been played already in the third round, namely Griffin vs bps. Do note that this is a top of the top game. Griffin probably didn't expect to win this game, as bps has been playing actively the last couple of years. However, the games went perfectly for Griffin and he seemed to hit every rocket he had to hit. The games were a bit cat-and-mousy (which is awesome, by the way) - bps having to chase for frags, trying to get back into the game. However, some perfect defensive play from Griffin secured him a 2-0 victory. The games were streamed and commentated by SuddendeathTV, in case someone would like to see the VODs.


So far the tournament has been awesome and everything one could hope for. Let's keep it that way! Keep fraggin' and I'll see you in another article later in the tournament!


Tournament brackets and results!
VOD for bps vs Griffin - YouTube |
.MVD demos of all games
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Writer: andeh
2014-05-08, 10:45
great write up andeh!
2014-05-08, 10:50
yep, superb!
2014-05-08, 10:50
the tournament is going really well. the players have credit, but i think the most credit must go to the admins, who are doing a great work pushing the players, covering every match and doing VODs already!
must see!
keep up the good work!

ps- i could smell that last rocket fun games, dm2 is great!
2014-05-08, 14:03
I thought I was ranked #19, just a spot away from Cream, and I beat my opponent #15, UPSET bro!
2014-05-08, 15:13
Oh ya I was still drunk from the night before, that should count towards more of an upset
2014-05-08, 16:41
ah, yeah, that match was amazing I haven't played so much in a while so I was standing still 50% of time like a fucking boss in bigroom also worse than dag vs griffin @ QHLAN 2003 or whenever thoe finals where.. on WHICH LAN I beat griffin on DM2 DMM4,

2014-05-08, 16:52
I have almost convinced myself it is 2004 again. Thanks to all involved!
2014-05-08, 18:40
Nice! Got to see the griffin/bps direct hit fest live... Looking forward for more coverage and youtube vods $$$
2014-05-08, 18:41
Thank you very much for the great news article including the links.
Congratulations for the very successful tournament.
2014-05-09, 02:47
Great article! Gray text on gray background looks awesome ))
2014-05-13, 08:23
As much as I love bps, it was great to see Griffin on such good form (although a bit lucky with the spawnfrags) !
And thank you Andeh for uploading the videos on youtube, as I still have problems with twitch at home
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