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EQL 18 playoffs starting!
After a semi active season the time has come to start the playoffs! As many games as possible will be streamed and commentated by Andeh and possibly guest commentators. Read on for more!
The A-playoffs will look like this:


Chosen vs Fraggers United - VODs: Twitch.tv | YouTube
Immortals vs Paras - VODs: Twitch.tv | YouTube


Majestic vs Chosen - VODs: Twitch.tv | YouTube
Suddendeath vs Immortals - VODs: Twitch.tv | YouTube

Grand finals:


Bronze game:



All games are best of five. The deadline to play the Quarter-finals is April 6th. Make sure to get your games scheduled!
Should one of the Quarter-final teams fail to schedule their game, team Suddendeath 2 will fill the void.

Please let Andeh know the time and dates of your games so they can be streamed and called at SuddendeathTV! You can find him at #suddendeath on IRC QuakeNet.


Quarterfinal predictions

The season has been crippled by inactivity and very few clans compared to previous seasons, apart from that there has been some really good and close games. The playoffs should prove to be quite interesting. Perhaps aside from the final wich Suddendeath will win 3-0. Anything else would be the upset of all upsets in the history.

Chosen vs Fraggers United

Chosen and Fraggers United will meet in the first quarterfinal, it is already schedueled for Sunday April 6th at 20.00 CET, and this will without a doubt be a good game. Even though they didnt find the time to meet in the group stage these clans have a long history together with intense group and playoff games.

Last season CSN were able to take down FU 3-1 in the division 2 semfinals and move on to win the final 3-0 against Klaphat. Notable changes in CSNs lineup this season is TheEvilDog from Klaphat and the fact that previous seasons star player Ake_Vader has played alot less.

This season has been bad for CSN with losses against Immortals, Majestic, Suddendeath and Suddendeath 2 only winning versus beforehand weaker clans like Paras, Division 99 and Lost Legion. The question is if they can muster enough fighting spirit to take down FU yet again.

On the other hand FU hasnt really been tested as they only played versus lower tier clans except for SD who steamrolled every opponent. With only 4 games and 0 pracs FU should be pretty rusty. FU is fielding the same lineup as previous season with the exception of dmt and a few idlers.

I will go for 3-2 in CSNs favour.

The winner will then proceed to the semifinal where Majestic awaits.

Immortals vs Paras
Even though Immortals won 2-0 in the group game against Paras it was the closest game for Paras out of all their games against the higher tier clans losing with around 20 frags per map. Aside from that they won 2 easy games against Div99 and VM. Paras has been around for a while and during the last seasons they have been able to threaten former "division 2" clans quite well. Last season they ended 6th in division 2 and managed to win a map in their 1-3 loss against Chosen in the quarterfinal. Feari is the guy to keep an eye out for as usual and nothing noteable has changed in their lineup.

Immortals is now a merge between no less than 3 clans as they have taken in Niw from klaphat and Blooddog and Sane from God Blessed. They had a good season so far with the only drawback coming in a 1-2 loss against Majestic aside from the 0-2 loss against Suddendeath. They look strong but just like last season it can all end in just 1 game. After a stunning performance in the group stage, winning every game and only losing 2 maps, they unexpetedly lost 0-3 to 8th seeded clan Lost Legion. They will have to be on their toes against Paras or else history will repeat itself.

Still, Im going to go with 3-1 Immortals here as they are just a better team.

The winner will then proceed to the semifinal where Suddendeath awaits.


Both quarters have been played, now its time for the semifinals!

Last night saw Chosen take down Fraggers United in a rematch from EQL 17 division 2 semifinal where CSN reached the same result. The game was just as close this time as it was in EQL 17.

In the other quarter Immortals swept Paras with 3-0. Fearis absence from Paras lineup was crucial as they couldnt really rock Immortals boat this time, something they were much close to do during the group stage.

This leaves us with 4 clans battling for the spots in this seasons final.

Chosen vs Majestic

Majestic have played great this season, winning all 5 of the games they managed to get under way during the group stage. Their game against CSN ended 2-0 in their favour with a big win on DM3 and a close call on E1M2. Key players are mm and pai and they really need good performances from these guys if they hope to repeat the success against CSN this time.

Chosen came back strong with a 3-1 win against FU after a weak season. There has been some issues with activity and lineup but as usual CSN rather play than wait for best lineup every game. This leads to mixed results from time to time.

Still with both teams fielding their best lines I dont see CSN losing a 2nd time. 3-1 for CSN is my bet.

Suddendeath vs Immortals

Aside from the game against SD Immortals had a fairly good season so far and topped it off with beating Paras 3-0. Immortals even played Sassa during the quarter which was a nice return to the hot games for him.

Suddendeath played 6 games winning 12 maps and losing 0 on their way to this semifinal. SD2 came within 100 frags on one map but aside from that SD really crushed their opponents this season. Very little stand in the way of them securing the EQL18 title.

This is a nobrainer, Suddendeath will win 3-0 no matter what Immortals put on the server. Immortals are a strong side though and the silver lining is that they will most likely reach about 100 frags on every map. With players like bps and carapace though this team is just too hard for any other team to conquer this season. Spectators had hopes of seeing SD vs CMFS in the final but since CMFS idled there isnt really a contender for the title.

Good luck to all four clans!


An honorary mention should be given to team Division 99 for playing the most games this season of all teams and truly giving it their best. Let's hope they return next time as well!

Make sure to tune in on the stream and let's hope for some amazing playoff games! Good luck to all teams!

Writer: Hooraytio, EQL Administrator
Editor: Andeh, SuddendeathTV
2014-03-31, 08:20
I will try to cover as many playoff games as possible at http://www.twitch.tv/suddendeathTV , however teams could make it easier for me if you inform me of dates and times of the games (I am always available #suddendeath on IRC.quakenet)
2014-03-31, 08:26
Also, you could spend an additional 30 seconds to make a post that is actually readable and looks a bit better than this. It's not much to ask to make a proper post when announcing something on the official forums. T_T
2014-03-31, 08:54
About it being readable: If you require some extra information or didnt understand parts of the information it would be better if you told me instead of providing sweeping criticism of the post.

About how it looks: Its all subjective I guess. I kept it informative.
2014-03-31, 09:04
What I mean is that it basically hurts the eyes trying to read it. The post is not remotely constructed and contains nothing that would make a reader interested to read further. If you want, I can announce things in the future, just tell me what to announce.
2014-03-31, 09:13
My point is kind of that an announcement like this can actually be made exciting, both to read and to hear about! ^.^
2014-03-31, 09:22
Ok, if you have ideas on how to improve the post then go ahead and edit it. Thanks in advance!
2014-03-31, 09:45
There, did a quick edit
2014-03-31, 09:46
Sadly we couldn't get the only match where we actually had some chance (against vm) played.

Anyway, GGs and good luck to all in the Playoffs!!
2014-03-31, 09:48
Well done!
2014-03-31, 09:51
Leopold: kudos for playing so much! Great job indeed
2014-03-31, 10:06
Biggest disappointment award goes to... Firing Malfunction!
You were kinda the one reason for us (sd1) to play this season.

(nice looking post, now )
2014-03-31, 10:22
Div99 are the best !
2014-03-31, 16:34
CSN-FU Sunday April 6th 20:00 cet.
2014-03-31, 18:29
Gotcha =)
2014-03-31, 22:36
Looking forward to the final rounds! And hoping for more low division teams next time!
2014-04-01, 06:14
I second that erlend
2014-04-01, 10:04
Oh, there will be match for 3rd place as well.
Ive added that to the post.
2014-04-02, 07:39
Here are the playoff predictions: http://eql.quakeworld.nu/eql18/news/14
2014-04-04, 15:49
let me cover immortals game with you andeh, i will make blooddog seem like an allstar
2014-04-05, 14:11
Any information about the second quarterfinals?
2014-04-05, 20:19
Sunday 21 or 22 cet panjabi told me
2014-04-05, 21:10
Alright, first quarterfinals will be 20:00 cet and the second one will be right after that, both will be streamed and called
2014-04-07, 10:58
Ive updated this post with semifinal predictions.
2014-04-07, 14:11
I've updated the thread with VOD links to the different games, both Twitch VOD and YouTube VOD
2014-04-07, 14:16
Chosen vs Fraggers united:

Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/suddendeathtv/c/4021605
YouTube: http://youtu.be/U-gclBcBDI0

(Edited 2014-04-07, 14:17)
2014-04-07, 14:17
Immortals vs Paras:

Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/suddendeathtv/c/4021666
YouTube: http://youtu.be/X4f2D4e8KBA
2014-04-07, 14:29
ESR post updated:
2014-04-07, 15:14
GGS Paras and thank you for the great work Andeh! I also learned that my start to e1m2 was not correct (spawned at rl and went to quad instead of mega), very helpful!
2014-04-14, 13:55
VODs added for yesterday's games!
2014-04-14, 13:55
Will make a new thread about the grand finals though and sort all the VODs there
2014-04-14, 16:30
Vods etc added to ESR post:
thx Andeh for the nice stream!
2014-04-14, 17:59
Thanks Leopold, good job updating ESR!
2014-04-14, 20:41
Enjoyed watching this on twitch, thanks Andeh!
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