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SuddendeathTV and Twitch partners up!
SuddendeathTV recently signed a partnership contract with Twitch. What does this mean for the stream and for Quakeworld? Read on to learn more!
SuddendeathTV is a stream provided by team Suddendeath that has been very successful thus far, reaching over 600 unique viewers during the EQL finals along with recieving a lot of great feedback.

However, there has been complaints about lag and the inability to switch between 480p/720p/1080p. This has been a problem, considering the stream was always 60fps and HD, which can be hard for some computers and connections to manage. This problem should now be solved.

A partnership with Twitch means not only that you will be able to change quality through automatic transcoding to whichever quality you prefer (or your computer can manage), you will also be able to watch Quakeworld on your iOS/Android twitch-app! In the past, one could browse to the stream on your mobile device, but hardly be able to see what was going on. Now, with automatic transcoding, that should not be a problem any longer.

This is a great step for SuddendeathTV and you can expect coverage of every major game played in Quakeworld! SuddendeathTV will also provide streams for any other Quakeworld content such as LAN-events, interviews or quality shows.

If you have not seen a SuddendeathTV show, here is the VOD of the latest cast in the Duelmania Grand Finals between LocKtar and locust.

VOD: Duelmania Grand Finals (Youtube).

The VOD also contains pre-game interviews with both LocKtar and locust, as well as a winner's interview in the end.


SuddendeathTV is a great thing for all of Quakeworld, and we hope that you as a Quakeworld player or enthusiast will help providing content that can be streamed. This means signing up for tournaments, attending LAN-events, and perhaps even organizing tournaments yourself? Any Quakeworld content is good content to stream!

We would also like to remind you that the EQL sign-ups are going on right now! We ask all of you to find a team and SIGN UP!.

Let's make this a great Quakeworld year!

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woop woop \0/
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lets do this!!
2014-01-28, 15:29
this gives me a boner
2014-01-28, 16:46
very nice
2014-01-29, 00:14
Oj sry!

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2014-01-29, 00:14
2014-01-29, 00:14
2014-01-29, 11:08
Yes, go and sign up for EQL18
2014-02-09, 05:05
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