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Duelmania GRAND FINALS date, time and HYPE
The QuakeWorld duel tournament Duelmania has reached its final game this season. We've seen many nice games, a few upsets (namely Maga defeating BuLaT and making a top 3 finish) and a lot of flamewars.

This Sunday the 22nd of December, just a few days before Christmas, the epic conclusion of this season will take place between LocKtar and Locust. The question is: ARE YOU READYYYYYY?! Read more for some EPIC hype!

Duelmania GRAND FINALS, LocKtar vs Locust.

Date & Time:
Sunday, December 22nd, 21:00 CET.


To get to the finals, both LocKtar and Locust have been through a series of tough opponents. Locust being in the upper part of the bracket means he didn't have to kill off just as many players as LocKtar did, but we still saw him beat Kingpin 2-0 and throw LocKtar into the loser's bracket with a 3-1 score.

On LocKtar's side of things, he cleansweeped BuLaT with a 2-0 score and then had to defeat Maga in the loser bracket finals in a 3-0 game.

NOW, the time has come for the GRAND FINALS and in hopes of it being as awesome as possibly can be, suddendeathTV will provide a 60fps stream of the conclusion.

Spread the word! Make sure your friends tune in on Sunday 21:00 CET! Let's try to make this the biggest duelfinals that we have seen in recent years! Tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter, or write about it on ESR or Reddit!

WinnerBracket finals, LocKtar vs Locust
LoserBracket finals, LocKtar vs Maga


andeh & bps, possibly guest caster.

To whom do you put your faith?
2013-12-18, 09:24
2013-12-18, 09:28
You just HAVE to cheer for Locust after seeing this image !
2013-12-18, 09:55
2013-12-18, 10:20
Pop the glock, pop the glock, pop the glock.
2013-12-18, 12:38
Seems like esreality is not able to handle traffic interested in this news.
2013-12-18, 13:51
ye, that happens when only 1% of qw klick on the same link at once
2013-12-18, 15:36
Can not wait to watch this one! Bummed out that I missed their WB match coz I was at a wedding. Sunday I will be buying some beers, turning my phone off and tuning into this! Good luck to both of you
2013-12-18, 15:59
RaggA: well you can still watch the VODs provided in the newspost!
2013-12-18, 16:09
Thanks Andeh. Have some music work to do tonight, gonna watch it in the back ground while stuff is compiling. Gotta say I've been loving the stuff you've been doing on the channel so far, keep up the good work
2013-12-18, 17:25
Thank you very much =)
2013-12-18, 21:29
bps delivers top-notch hype-pics! I'm so looking forward to this final and the hype-pic will keep me happy and satisfied until the final starts
2013-12-19, 08:38
Thanks feffs0rS \0/
2013-12-19, 09:42
Shaft, shaft, shaft, shaft, shaft, shaft, lightning gun!
2013-12-19, 11:29
This final is going to be so exiting!

Their last meeting was absolutely epic
2013-12-19, 11:30
Eehhh djop!
2013-12-19, 11:49
Now's the time for... comment_ _ _ ?
Fill in the blanks
2013-12-19, 11:49
The question of locust or LocKtar will be as hard as ever to unlock.
Since the location of both players are in Sweden and the pings will basically be the same as playing on localhost I think it's safe to say that localities will not be a deciding factor.

Will locust with his loco personality loculate LocKtar.
Or will LocKtar run over locust like the locomotive he is order to lock the victory for him.
2013-12-19, 14:08
my target is locked
2013-12-20, 22:35
ne sher ve teep
2013-12-21, 14:42
That was epic, GGS.
2013-12-22, 18:56
Russian stream by cooke:
ESR post is updated too.
2013-12-22, 22:17
2013-12-22, 22:28
It was gg !
Now I think it's really time to think about getting rid of some of the old maps...
2013-12-22, 23:20
Twitch ->
Youtube ->

I hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did!

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2013-12-23, 00:27
2013-12-23, 00:49
thanks for the demos Stev!
2013-12-23, 08:50
Nice matches and very well done stream again!
2013-12-23, 16:56
Updated the Youtube link as the first one didn't work. Enjoy Youtube, Sassa
2013-12-27, 19:43
I did a post-mortem review
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