Hooraytio  /  9 Dec 2013, 10:24
EQL 18
Just wanted to let all of you know...
... that EQL 18 will be open for signups in January.

Maps: TB3
Structure: 2 or more divisions with playoffs
Time frame: About the same as EQL 17

A big thanks to every clan and player that participated in EQL 17!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
2013-12-09, 10:52
ty for stepping ahead one more time hooray! you rule!
2013-12-09, 15:49
Comeback of SD2!
2013-12-09, 18:26
Would love to have fewer teams in each division and perhaps play each team 2-3 times (like div1 was build up)
2013-12-09, 18:51
At first I didn't think it would be a good idea to have a small div1. But with 5 div1 teams being quite even this season, there were so many exciting and great games, that kept both the players and viewers interested and motivated to follow the games and play them (otherwise you would miss the playoffs!).

Maybe 5-6 teams per division and playing each other twice is a good option. That also means next season EQL could potentially return to 3 divisions. The question is what happens if less than 5 div1 teams sign up? I hope all of them sign up and are at least as motivated as in EQL17.
2013-12-09, 19:44

One improvement would be if the clans actually played all their games
2013-12-10, 23:40
O kierwa.
2014-01-13, 12:12
What's happening, any hints about EQL18?
Will we get to see a new and beautiful website for EQL that replaces the decade old, broken and mossy one we have today? Wouldn't that be a great christmas gift.

Anyway, I heard PairosockS and his motley crew want in for the title this time.
Any other rumours around?
2014-01-14, 07:24
Signups for EQL18 should be up "shortly" thats all ive got atm.
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