Ake Vader  /  4 Dec 2013, 16:58
EQL Division 2 final on Sunday
As the gunsmoke has settled after the action packed division 1 final, it is now time to also crown the champions among the division 2 teams. On Sunday the 8th of December 20:30CET the teams Chosen and Klaphat will face off in a best of five maps series. The teams finished third and fourth in the ground stage this season.

Check out the EQL division 2 results
2013-12-04, 20:26
3rd and 4th actually, correct table is in this newspost:

There was a problem with CSNs and FUs points and some walkovers that havent been registered.
2013-12-04, 20:42
Ah, now i remember. :S Thanks for the correction.
2013-12-05, 13:23
dis gonna be good
2013-12-05, 21:22
Will it get Streamed?
2013-12-06, 07:49
Ive asked Andeh but didnt get a reply yet
2013-12-09, 11:06
Winrars! \o/
2013-12-10, 23:42
That's great that Klaphat kicked chosen butts.
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