Ake Vader  /  5 Nov 2013, 19:16
Refragged rookie classic cup on Sunday
As Duelmania is over for many players who went out after the first two games, i hereby present an alternative to get some action on Sunday the 10th of November in the Refragged Rookie Classic Cup that i launch today. It is basically a 1on1 tournament for rookies that will take place on Sunday evening from 18:00 CET (and until it finishes). The map pool consists of DM2, DM4, DM6, ZTNDM3 and Aerowalk. If you hang out on IRC, questions regarding the tournament will be answered in #Refragged on Quakenet.

It is first come, first serve given that you fulfill the rookie requirement. The tournament format will vary depending on the amount of signups.

Head on over to the Refragged tournament site
2013-11-05, 19:27
I could use some help pimping the site to get it more Quake:ish. It has not really been my focus so far as the cost/benefit ratio is too high if I'm to do artsy stuff myself.
2013-11-06, 16:56
can you define rookie?
2013-11-06, 18:14
By rookie i really mean rookie, it should be new players with not many games under their belts, or old players who simply are on the same level.

I realise some of the current signups cannot be defined as rookies and they won't play in the tournament either. VVD is an example and he is aware of it too.
2013-11-06, 18:16
Also, i won't do much marketing for the cup this time, only this post here on qw.nu basically, but in the future my intention is to target sources (forums and what not) with people who will pretty much be installing QuakeWorld just prior to the tournament. It would be completely counter-productive to not be strict about the rookie rule then.
2013-11-06, 18:17

(Edited 2013-11-13, 22:40)
2013-11-07, 07:19
You rock Ake !
2013-11-07, 10:29
I am probably bad enough but Im reluctant to even consider signing up for obvious reasons.
2013-11-09, 15:26
nice initiative.
wondering if i can even get 1 frag.
would be cool to do maybe also 2v2 tdm rookies in the future if there are enough rookies interested that is.

2013-11-09, 16:26
2on2 rookie tourney would be awesome
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