bps  /  27 Oct 2013, 12:26
New Swedish servers up for testing
Today, Persuader has some great news on our server situation, while pangela seem dead with no further information. Here's the message that Persuader broadcasted over IRC today:
"Due to massive ping whine on my servers I have gotten SHITLOADS of help from a guy called "suomi" that opened up shitloads of ports in Stockholm. Three different locations, super computers and super connections. Suomi has provided us with a total of 23 (!!!) ports and two CA ports. We want brutal testing of these servers from everyone playing QW, all over the world."

Read on for full list of servers and ports.
All servers located in Stockholm, Sweden.


10GBIT (Clan Arena)

1GBIT (Clan Arena)


Problems or feedback: contact persuader at IRC: #persuader.
2013-10-27, 14:34
Great news! Will do some testing tonight for sure

Is there any particular reason that some servers use 27500 port range (which is the initial default?) while some use 28000 range?
2013-10-27, 16:11
I get 41ms from Germany, which is excellent for my line.
Thanks a lot!
2013-10-27, 16:44
Good work.
2013-10-27, 17:51 gives me ~22ms gives me ~36 ms gives me ~25ms

I'm on Telia ADSL.
2013-10-27, 23:15 20 ms 18 ms 22 ms

100/10 MBit Bredbandsbolaget
Combining the QWFWD:s has proven helpful for others.

Also, these servers are awesome.
2013-10-28, 11:44
12ms on them all, qwfwd gives me 13ms in denmark! \o/ thank you
2013-10-28, 15:26 25 ms 25 ms 25 ms

100/10 MBit TeliaSonera
2013-10-28, 23:08 3 ms 3 ms 3 ms
in cmd ping
Tele 2 100/10
2013-10-29, 08:22 gives me 13ms gives me 13 ms gives me 13ms

I'm on Telia ADSL 24mbit
2013-10-29, 11:19
perhaps add this to the list

portlane also host servers :-)
2013-10-29, 13:21
I ping 2 ms to these in server browser. Nice.
2013-10-29, 17:05
Ping [ms] averages over 40 packets: 10.252 10.391 11.668

ISP: Bredbandsbolaget 100/10
Location: Trollhättan Sweden ( 3.949 - Location, location, location :-) )
2013-10-29, 22:38
These are definitely good servers. I got 38 on .nl servers using the proxy which is way better than my default routing that gets me 51+ ms. Probably makes pings better on any central/western european server and works also for players from those areas connecting to nordic servers I would asume.
2013-10-31, 00:14
Sounds good boys. Thank you for feedback etc.

Let me know if u want to upload maps etc.

As it is right now, i have access on I will have access on the other servers aswell, soon enough.
2013-11-06, 18:15
I have 30-35ms from here. Nice thx
2013-11-08, 00:52
stable 51 from Hungary. nice
2013-11-10, 00:00
2014-02-18, 09:52
Pleeeeeeeeeeeease allow /ffa on your ports. It's standard on all other servers, why not liksom.
We have to go to foppa to play oldcrat-ffa which we do every now and then... :\
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