Ake Vader  /  22 Oct 2013, 16:47
Rock2ober 2013
A bird whispered in our ears, giving us a heads up regarding the upcoming AGR TF Rock2ober event. Rock2ober is an annual attempt to gather ALL the remaining Quakeworld Team Fortress fans in the world in one place, at one time, to create the biggest, most intense and most massive marathon game of rock2 possible. The mod used during the event is the AGR (Attackers Go Red) mod. This time it will take place on Saturday the 26th of October, at 23:00 GMT (27th October 01:00 CEST).

Check out the website for more information
2013-10-22, 16:54
News tips featured an image aswell but as it's not possible to upload it to the site (as far as i know) i didn't include it...
2013-10-22, 16:59
Please update this though... this is in no way QuakeWorld Team Fortress. REAL QWTF players do not want this to be associated with QWTF. This is a newbed up version of TF called custom TF where the worst of the worst players congregate once a year to play a single map: Rock2.bsp

Please do not associate this event with QuakeWorld Team Fortress because the only thing it has in common with TF is the maps.
2013-10-23, 01:46
Yes, please edit the title. This is not team fortress; it's a hideous remake from omc called "custom teamfortress" where he gutted TF. You have to register to play the game. He's removed all the basic components of TF. There's no bunnyhopping... He's the only one coding for this CLOSED-SOURCE mod and not listening to community input. Please don't associate this with QWTF.
2013-10-23, 18:50
Thanks to Ake for editing the original post.

Regarding some of the (and I'm putting this politely) 'misconceptions' in this thread, allow me to clarify:
1. Noone specified that this was 'Vanilla' QWTF.
2. Most AGR fans are also Vanilla QWTF fans, and would LOVE to participate in a 32 player game of any QWTF mod; this seems to me what a "real" TF player would do..
3. I had nothing to do with the making of CustomTF.
4. While AGR is based off CustomTF, the gameplay is radically different; so if you tried CustomTF years ago and didn't like it, give AGR a go.
5. You DONT have to register to play
6. There IS bunnyhopping, read the Weekly AGR Session FAQ (http://www.attackersgored.com/?page_id=56)
7. Most AGR fans are old skool, grey-bearded, super-experienced TFers who have been playing since the 90's. Anyone referring to these guys as 'the worst of the worst players' is (to put it politely) 'severely mistaken'. AGR has specifically been designed to give these guys a challenge, while still making things fun for the casual player.

Rock2obers mission, is to fill an AGR QW server with 32 players. To ensure this happens, we're inviting Q1TF fans of ALL genres to help out; whether you prefer Vanilla TF, Classic CustomTF, MegaTF, CTF, or TWCTF; to be ready (even if AGR is not your thing) to step in and play, and thus keep the server full for the duration of the game. If you love Quakeworld TF, I invite you to sign up for Rock2ober 2013, show up this Saturday 26th October 2013 @ tastyspleen.net:26666, and help make TF history!


ps. Get the facts about AGR from the AGR website: http://www.attackersgored.com/
pps also AGRMania youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/AGRMania
2013-10-23, 20:21

Taken directly from your website:

"AGR-bashing during games is strictly prohibited, and will incur a one month mute"
"Players who wish to change their names should advise the admin"
LOL "Cheaters, and anyone *intentionally* trying to sabotage a game will be banned for five years, eligible for parole in two years" [is there a fine too?]

Here's the bit about bunnyhopping: In order to Bunnyhop: Don’t buy Red Armour. Other stupid rules as well. Basically, you can't play a vanilla soldier and bunnyhop, because people suck on this server.

My absolute favorite: "7. Players who are dominating ‘too much’ are to change class if requested by the admin, whether they are actually ‘cheating’ or not."

Yeah, very nice "super-experienced TFers" you got there, who need babysitting by taking away bunnyhop with ra or forcing other players to change classes if they are good.
2013-10-26, 02:09
OMC, Please... I played AGR maybe 2 months ago... Ted Ginn talked me into showing up for Lulz... We both went offense, I built a little suouped up soldier-ish class and held the entire Defnese off in 2fort5 Ramp room while ted just ran the flag continuously.

The AGR players are nobodies that none of the REAL oldschool TF players have ever heard before. Bunnyhopping is slowed to intentionally cripple players that know what they are doing and OMC you are garbage too.
2013-10-26, 02:12
Oh and to prove my point, I'll be taking note of who shows up to Rock2Ober this year by watching the server browser. We will count how many "Gray-bearded TF experts" there are vs how many nobodies that OMC tries to legitimize in this shit mod are in attendance.
2013-10-26, 04:13
Tulkas, let's not antagonize the players. They're just trying to enjoy what little TF is left. The problem I see is OMC crippling TF and not listening to community feedback on the mod. And the mod is closed-sourced. And you need to register.
2013-10-29, 01:41
Nah claw. It's like you and I have discussed before. Most of them haven't played REAL TF in well over a decade and are anti-bunnyhopping. The AGR settings are made to hinder anyone who bhops so that players like myself, haze, etc don't jump in and run rampant. There would be no place for them in MTF or QWTF.

And like I told you before, TF isn't for new players. That's why all the other TFs have failed. Learning curve is too high and it frustrates new players. The only hope for TF is to bring the old veteran players back.
2014-07-18, 09:12
Classic fortress anyone?
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