Ake Vader  /  21 Oct 2013, 07:50
Duelmania brackets up and tournament live
With a 64 player bracket almost filled to the limits (short of a handful players) Duelmania starts off today. Due to the last spots being vacant we see some of the top dogs having to rest until Monday when they get to enter the tournament in the next round.

Have you scheduled your Duelmania game already? Let us know in the comments so people can tune in and watch the action!

Check out the brackets on the Duelmania website
2013-10-21, 10:14
Good luck guys!
2013-10-21, 18:39
Please let me know if any games are scheduled on saturdays/sundays so that I can stream them!

Also - weekdays at 2330 CET or after.

Just let me know on IRC (I'm as QuakePhil in #qwrookie) or email me the schedule on

2013-10-21, 23:05
Best of luck everyone, happy fragging! :-)
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