Ake Vader  /  9 Jun 2013, 19:14
EQL16 final tomorrow (Monday) at 18:00
Bps reports that the delayed 16th final of European Quake League is scheduled for tomorrow at 18:00CEST. As you may be aware of, the clans battling it out in the final are Suddendeath and The Viper Squad in a best of five maps series.

The game can as usual be spectated with your QuakeWorld client via
2013-06-09, 20:25
Thanks for the information.
Really looking forward to it!
2013-06-10, 06:16
We still have same problems as few weeks ago. Blaze's computer is broken and it's in service. Last night Xantom also said that he still has the same PL 30-40% so I really hope it will be fixed today...
2013-06-10, 14:21
Thanks for the info! It's going to be awesome!
2013-06-10, 15:44
hehe nice timing just entered and 15 min to BIG final, nice
2013-06-10, 15:49
2013-06-10, 18:20
I recorded the commentary by myself / votary / od, and will be merging it with the demos + uploading to youtube in HD.
Working on the cfg now - any suggestions / things which people have done wrong before / existing cfgs I can copy?
2013-06-10, 19:44
Nice Darff! Looking forward to see this spectacle from 3rd view. And with The Brother Brothers as commentators?! Sick combo. Can't wait.

I suggest a legoquake config for that movie. Another thing: rather make it too light than to dark. And use scr_autoid for names. Gl!
2013-06-10, 22:14
Legoquake wouldn't be too eyes-friendly to first time QW watchers?
2013-06-11, 07:58
Here's a test, how about these for textures/hud/settings?
The final vid will be encoded at a higher bitrate so don't worry about the blurs etc.
Think the RL model has a messed up texture (looks like the walls?) so if anyone has a link to a good one I can put it in, if not will leave as it is as it's not really that noticable

*edit: fixed armour numbers & weapons being invisible on teaminfo (seems can't get rid of the background rectangle without also getting rid of them)
2013-06-11, 08:44
Skins: like with a lot of the setup, I've gone for the nquake default (I did a fresh install), so the full red/white is what newbies will see, and experienced players have similar to these usually too. Maybe in other games they have fullbrights also? I don't know anything about other games.

Anyway, could potentially change to nice looking but easy to see skins, rather than fullbright - ideas on that?
2013-06-11, 10:32
I'd say go with primevil's 24 bit skins. Since the movie cfg is otherwise HD, why have ugly blobs in there?
Otherwise I really like the config.
If you use the 24bit skins, maybe use gl_powerupshell or what it is for quad etc instead of extra per-powerup skins too.
2013-06-11, 11:14
I'd prefer faithful skins, perhaps with forcecolors, that are bright'ish. Play with the contrast and they'll stand out a bit more while looking 10x better than ugly fullbrights.
2013-06-11, 11:17
OK, I'm downloading primevil's 24bit skins and will have a play around with them. Red for enemy, blue for team? Personal I use red for enemy but want to put on the video whatever most newbies will be familiar with...
2013-06-11, 13:07
Hmm I know its not the right place for it, but I'm getting a "dm3.lit file has incorrect size" error - seemingly with a number of different dm3.lit files placed in /qw/maps... ideas? The /qw/maps ones override the ones in the .pk3's right?
2013-06-11, 13:29
I have mine in a qw/lits folder, no idea if that helps or alters the precedence by which they are read.
I use fodquake and it seems to load them in this order:

where qwfolders are fodquake, qw, id etc.
2013-06-11, 23:28
Could someone please upload the demos someplace?
2013-06-11, 23:42
Round 2 - dm2 in HD w/commentary:

Hopefully will get a map per day out but can't commit to anything

Feedback / ideas appreciated. Maybe Vimeo would show the proper 60fps as youtube seems to have cut it down to 30
2013-06-12, 00:25
Very hard to understand your hud... :-D
2013-06-15, 00:28
Anyone that could help me get the demos?
2013-06-15, 06:05
Try (or pangela, I forget which) servers & type 'cmd dlist tvs', then 'cmd dl xxx' where xxx is the number of the demos which look like the final. Or I can email them to you if you send me your address in priv msg
2013-06-15, 19:48

2013-06-15, 23:57
Great, thank you both!

Enjoy it I will B-)
2013-06-18, 10:23
Cara, great!
Can someone put this link in head of news?
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