Ake Vader  /  16 May 2013, 16:27
Subsurface ladder IRC channel
The Subsurface ladder now has an IRC channel on Quakenet. The channel you should join is #Subsurface to have a chat with other competitors on the ladder. An additional feature that the channel provides is that the Subsurface bot in there will announce when a player join any of the 1on1 ladder queues on the website. This should make it easier for players to monitor the activity in the establishment phase which should see a lot more games played for the valuable ladder points!

Check out the Subsurface ladder or read a more detailed post about the ladder
2013-05-16, 22:57
subsurface is a great project. even though the website lacks some features, the concept is there and its working. plz do submit your feedback, its important!
2013-05-19, 15:06
the concept is very cool!
2013-05-23, 07:45
With a bunch of wax on/wax off effort from Willg (or others who contribute), this could very likely be a turning point for QW activity. Even if you don't like duels, 2on2 and 4on4 matchups are also in the planning. So sign up, show some support for this awesome concept, and eventually we might get a ladder system matching Quake Lives.

Who knows, with enough interest it might even give rebirth to some dead / almost dead modes like CA / CTF.
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