VVD  /  3 Apr 2013, 21:54
QuakeWorld movie Epilepsy by Jissse!
"After a while I'm back with another QW movie.
This one has been made mainly to have fun with the synchronization on a track I like, and to use the camera tool from ezQuake.
So, even if it has been a LOT of work, it's really short, and has a 1 minute intro/outro. I hope you'll enjoy it though!" (c) Jissse.

You can see it on Youtube.
720p 60 fps download added thanks to Maverick! Register to
Made with ezQuake, lots of custom textures, items, .lit files and so on (pack available here: 1 & 2) shot @60fps and 720p.
Edited with After Effects, encoded with Handbrake. Music by Venetian Snares, Szamar Madar on Rossz Csillag Alatt Szueletett.

Starring: B1aze, Carapace, Dimman, Dsharp3, Ganon, Kaffi, Kapo, Mazer, Milton, Od, Phex.

Many Thanks to Carapace for the oldcrat section, and to B1aze for sending me tons of fantastic stuff, and french community for being div99.
Keep sending me demos, I hope to make more of this. You can contact me @ Jissse on,
Hugs and Kisses to the Quakeworld players.
2013-04-03, 22:45
NIIIIIICE!! Love that song, I used to listen to it but had forgotten the name uptil now, thanks.
Cool stuff! Lovely pines in the outro :]

(Edited 2013-04-03, 23:23)
2013-04-03, 22:59
Awesome movie, you did all the frags justice!
2013-04-04, 08:27
well, the edit itself is great, but tbh the constant pauses/slowdowns were an annoyance for me. A matter of preference, I guess.
2013-04-04, 08:50
Nice edit alltho i personally dont like the ADHD style of constant pause/rewind/ffwd/slowdown...
2013-04-04, 09:02
Oh yeah, it's Milton getting squished
2013-04-04, 12:53
\o/ nice! and Milton getting squished
2013-04-04, 13:49
Really love the style of the movie grady old mode and really good musik
keep up the good work man!

qw community is prod of you!
2013-04-04, 13:52
The movie was good, the frags were really nice, however because of the excessive amount of editing it almost felt laggy and hard to understand what was going on. A little less epileptic (no pun intended) editing and the movie would be even better! Keep going jissse
2013-04-04, 18:07
squishing someone on dm2 is never not funny
2013-04-05, 21:16
I love the music and the graphics in the movie! And that includes everything from the eyecandy effects to the textures. The smoothness in the mp4-version was just great! I know this movie didn't include anything from a team playing perspective, perhaps this will be the next step?

The frags were quite sexy, but I have seen better. Perhaps next time, do the frags with even more other approaches/angles, to get more complexity and fluctuation? This felt like one long "race" without stop. But I guess I have seen too many films with different segments e.g. the teamplay parts...

I also have to agree with Hooraytio (and Andeh) about the "ADHD" perspective... :/ Not *everything* has to be synced with the music...

On another note, personally, I think it's funny watching qw films when the film maker decides to use funny skins. I know nobody plays with them, but it's just funny to see in films E.g. the film SSC did a few years back, when all the enemies had Swedish hockey player skins or something, that was just great

I have seen so many Quake films during the years and it's so sad I can't make any of my own. I know many of the film makers aren't active anymore, but it would just be a dream come true if like you (Jissse), The Beats and def could make one together, with all your combined movie making skills
2013-04-05, 22:57
Well thanks everyone, for the main thing lot of people dislike ( too much sync ), I'd just say it was the main purpose of the movie, I would want to put even more sync if possible ( and also after two month of editing I don't really see what is good or not anymore ).
Flintheart, I believe anyone can make a movie of it's own, the only problem is the time needed. That said, I think the next one should really please you .
2013-04-08, 17:18
Awesome.. Really cool...
2013-04-12, 15:38
Just added a new mirror @ DOWNLOAD LINK
2013-06-10, 18:27
Thanks for putting my povs to the nice outro! Really nice movie and frags from everyone.
Good job man and dont stop!
2013-06-17, 06:32
simply: AMAZINGGGG!!!!!!!!!
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