Ake Vader  /  31 Mar 2013, 22:27
EQL16 has started!
It has been a year since we last saw any EQL action for those of you who have waited, you need to wait no more! The 19 teams that signed up for EQL16 have been divided into two divisions and the games can commence right away.
The clan scene has been slumbering since last spring, which was the last occasion that featured an European Quake League season, and while this has had a bit of an impact on the scene, the last couple of weeks has seen some clan activity again.

The 16th season of EQL sees 19 20 teams (note: "the black ants" late signups) signing up and the crew has decided to split them up into two separate divisions judging by their skill. As the league starts on 1st of April - which is today - teams can start playing their games whenever they feel like. Division 1 will feature an A and a B playoff, while division 2 will have one big playoff featuring the top 8 teams. The playoffs are scheduled to begin at the 12th of May.

The divisions and teams looks as follows:

Division 1
anzas tappra gossar
moje, mazer, hlt, dmt, Fix

mm, Dive, Pollox, Hooraytio, Hagge, Flintheart, Defcon5, Ake_Vader

Votary, Skillah, od, Moltas, kingpin, Creature

Demolition Crew
tom, shamoth, pooll, ponczek, goniec, fluartity, faustov, KlozE/23

Fraggers United
pangela, kip, culkey, case, buggy, anza, katsku

shaka, persuader, heddan, ekz, conus, niw

Vegeta, Thump4, Squeeze, Overflow, Karnage, GND, Blood_dog, Blackbeard

rst, ganon, carapace, bps

Suddendeath 2
trash, sarko, rio, ok98, locktar, andeh

the black ants
szturm, kopytk0, essoid, er

The Viper Squad
blaze, Xantom, Milton, Ihminen, Diki

Division 2
Clan Danube
mty, Snow, Nice2eatU, Zlt, Jissse

Division Ninety Nine
z0mbie90, tsobo, p4le, ocoini, Sassa, Leopold, Kaffi, Erlend, Desmo, Badass

oggie, delete, ZkilfinG, MaditioN, Empezar

v!rus, respawn, oo, kuzash, dsharp3

Lost Legion
raket, norules, nitemare, eb, Turbo, NPH_, Atrophy

Mob of Oddballs
pleura, mushi, muffin, itmik, fer, driz, dirtbox, dib, darff

tenhi, jf/juho/barksdale, final, feari, Teho, Panjabi, Julppi, Heag

pew pew Blaster
sss, mads, Timon, Razor[X], Drake

Tactical & powerful amigos
vrtx, pernanmaistaja, mipa, Wille_, Q-tio, Itsinen

Read more on the EQL website
2013-04-01, 09:57
zlt joined danube and itsinen joined tpa
2013-04-01, 13:43
Good luck to all participants. Looks like a lot of talent in Div1 and I'm looking forward to seeing some great games and demos.
2013-04-01, 18:58
gonna be hawt! good rape girliez!
2013-04-01, 21:59
just like the good old times.. why dont you play zero?!
2013-04-02, 06:20
Why dont you play phrenic?
2013-04-02, 16:11
Cause i live in a 25m2 apartment with my girlfriend, way to much work, and i only got my macbook pro, so nowdays im a Starcraft 2 pro.
2013-04-03, 07:58
Starcraft 2 pro building "Collosseums"?
2013-04-03, 08:40
Priorities phrenic, priorities! Get them straight!
2013-04-03, 10:49
Wrote a division 1 preview.
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