bps  /  12 Mar 2013, 22:27
EQL16 signups are live!

It is time for another season of EQL! Gather your team and sign up! Now it is up to you and your team to make this happen!

Signups start now and end on March 31st. The league will start on April 1st. We are aiming at having the finals played at or before may 26th in order to get through the season before summer inactivity sets in. This depends on the number of games during the season which in turn depends on the number of clans.
The maps will be TB3 and we hope to get enough clans for an elite division and a regular division. This all comes down to the number of clans and players participating. We will try our best to make the division placements as good as possible.

Rules and format may be changed depending on how many clans we have at the end of the signup period.

Now go ahead and Signup!
2013-03-12, 22:31
Here we goooooooooooooo!
2013-03-12, 22:46
Reach out to old teams, talk to the slumbering players in other ends of Internet, let's do this!
2013-03-12, 22:49
2013-03-12, 23:42
Like button !!!!!!
2013-03-12, 23:50
Yeah! Let's go!
2013-03-13, 00:48
only clan in the scene is suddendeath so perhaps we should just make cara and bps captains and watch the sd vs. sd finals this weekend?
2013-03-13, 01:02
hmm double post
2013-03-13, 02:11
i love the banners, makes it look more professional keep it up
(need banners/logos to all news )
2013-03-13, 09:58
heddan: yes, we (ofc) started signing in our teams. But (ofc) we all want the other teams/clans to signup. Slackers/tVS/GTG/cmf. And all other. Campbusters? Antiquad? Beer Bear Balalaika? Where are all the russians nowadays?
2013-03-13, 14:33
I need a team!
2013-03-13, 14:53
Epic news. Now just need to start a team!
2013-03-13, 15:29
Post in the transfers forum!
2013-03-13, 16:02
Gonna need a team too. How about a rookie division? Maybe a tad too short notice for it now, but next year? Provided there's enough interest for several rookie teams that is.
2013-03-13, 16:48
The problem with a rookie division is that it is hard to find enough, and dedicated, rookies for it to be fun. Best solution is probably that the rookies spread out amongst the less skilled teams and watch and learn. Be a part of a team and play pracs. Atleast their first season.
2013-03-13, 16:55
Hmm yeah that sounds reasonable.
2013-03-13, 20:02
I'm shaking.. I'm shaking!
2013-03-14, 09:45
2013-03-14, 17:28
I need a team too!
2013-03-16, 11:48
I will play with any team if somebody needs an extra player
2013-03-16, 12:40
The return of Campbusters would indeed be a nice thing bps! Be
2013-03-16, 21:19
Isnīt C88 coming around niw?
2013-03-17, 13:42
Dear community,
Im available to join any active clan, the best offer wins!!
2013-03-18, 12:50
Im available aswell!
message me if you need a player
2013-03-21, 09:28
Cara: Dunno.. Im on vacation now, so not been on irc at all.. But would be great if they do.
2013-03-21, 21:52
c88 signed up niw
2013-03-26, 16:06
fnu[klan] signed up
2013-03-26, 18:38
#LostLegion (qnet) is recruting members (Aiming for div2)!
2013-03-29, 22:15
Let's do this! Crazy 88 taking over.

2013-03-31, 22:04
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