VVD  /  31 Jan 2013, 10:45
Come to Qwenya!
Hello QuakeWorld lovers!

Wether you're bored by running on the same maps for 16 years, new to QuakeWorld and willing to try some custom maps, or just wanting to have some fun, we've got what you need!
Even if people still consider Aerowalk and Ztndm3 as Kenya maps, here we'll play real new (or old but not played much) stuff. No remake or anything like that.
So we're planning a one day duel tournament to start this kenya maps stuff.
The tourney will take place on the 24th of February, starting around 14:00 CET (depending on how much signup we get) and hopefully ending in the night.
It's one day, without divs or group stages or anything, to see how smotth it runs, the format may change later.
This sunday will see these nice maps played: Bravado, Subterfuge, Vaporize, Skull and Ztndm6.

As of now, we have some servers with the maps running: and 28502 and 27502
I'm trying to add them on foppa and nl now (if any admin is interested, please contact me).

You can also get all pumped with an hollywoodian trailer.
Feel free to try some, and if you are searching for me, come on irc, #qwenya or

(c) Jissse
2013-01-31, 11:18

edit: I know the URL, but get it included in the damn news post
2013-01-31, 12:01
I would if i could, i seem to have access to some stuff but not to write/edit news, grr
2013-01-31, 12:05
I like doing things by halves.
2013-02-04, 06:55
Cool.. Bravado seems to be really good and never seen before )
2013-02-04, 10:46
You might want to change the "spawnmode" in the rules section to ktx2 spawns (or ktx spawns) since majority of the ktx servers default to either one of them. ktx2 spawns are preferred, you can't predict them at all while you can predict ktx spawns.
2013-02-04, 20:55
I'd love to make a couple more duel maps if you keep hosting these tournaments. Sadly I'm not really too happy with how any of my maps have turned out. Subterfuge is decent but it has its problems. If anyone had any ideas for duel map layouts I'd love to bring them to life. Get out a piece of paper and pencil and send me your ideas. :-)
2013-02-04, 23:23
Hi fenris, I remember you, did not know you were called foogs now. Your maps are nice. That is all, bye.
2013-02-05, 09:04
Well Fenris, i guess the best map you made is bravado, I know bps is a fan of it too. I also really like subterfuge but lots of people find it too small.
Next tournament should be 2on2, maybe maps are easier to do for this mod.
But as I already said to you, great job !
2013-02-05, 10:22
fenris, bravado is an excellent map imo, subterfuge is cool too.
About map ideas, what's missing in qw as far as I can see is a good map without teles (q3dm6, one of the most played and loved/hated maps in q3, has no teles) and maybe a better version of the inner/outer room concept of dm7 (again, its successor, q3tourney4 was a big success in q3 too and is still outstanding because of its unique concept).

I don't mean a port of those q3 maps, those already exist, but brand new maps with those concepts maybe.
2013-02-05, 13:29
Bravado is awesome!
I have only one suggestion how to make it near-perfect: bottom floor level is dull/boring because it's so huge and flat. Maybe you could work with trenches, elevations and also parts of water here?

I love mapping and testing new ones. If you wanna talk, fenris, find me at #suddendeath @ irc.
2013-02-05, 16:45
I think bravado has a hole in it somewhere near quad. A few of us tested it out the other day and we all had significant fps drops when looking in a certain direction from the walkway below quad. Perhaps it's possible to look into that before the tournament.

When it comes to the other maps, ztndm6 has a secret closed ammo room that you can only access by jumping into the GA teleporter. It's an utterly nonsensical, obfuscating design choice that needs to be widely publicised to prevent the ridiculous, boring games that would result from abuse of it.
2013-02-05, 17:27
Mae govannen,

was this name supposed to be similar to "Quenya", the elven language Tolkien created? ^.^

2013-02-05, 18:10
When it comes to the other maps, ztndm6 has a secret closed ammo room that you can only access by jumping into the GA teleporter. It's an utterly nonsensical, obfuscating design choice that needs to be widely publicised to prevent the ridiculous, boring games that would result from abuse of it.

Ah, that's why I sometimes ended up in it
2013-02-05, 19:29
Yeah i should teach everyone where the hole to spam this room is hidden

Stev: I think you're talking about an older beta of bravado, this bug is fixed now ( i'll check though )
Andeh: Nope, it was just a bad pun about kenya, lions, etc... I'm not as geek as you
2013-02-06, 02:05
Who's not a LotR geek =(
2013-02-06, 17:14
'Trash' never saw Lord of the Rings.
2013-02-06, 17:30
Kenya, a common expression in the QuakeWorld community for a certain type of maps, spelled out as a QW tournament name with a Q and a W instead of a K, and the first thing that pops into your mind is Tolkiens elvish?

I don't think geeky even covers this Andeh. More like "obsession"
2013-02-07, 07:48
Sagan om Andehn i flaskan
2013-02-07, 08:57
Love this initiative and love some of the new maps (read subterfuge/bravado).
However I would love it even more if the format was one map per week/season for us to really explore a new map.

I feel that this will more likely result in a few maps being glanced at.
2013-02-07, 15:11
Maybe, but when looking at Thunderdome, I don't think i'm ready to admin a long-term cup yet...
But some of these maps are also good for 2on2, so maybe I can keep 2-3 for the next cup, and and 2-3 new ones.
2013-02-07, 15:23
would be fun to see some 2v2 tours
2013-02-07, 15:48
Jissse didn't mean a long-term cup.. Still meant a one day tourney but on ONE Kenya map.
Then next season/day choose a new Kenya map.
2013-02-07, 17:21
Mhh ok. Well, we'll see how this one works, then we'll decide what happens
2013-02-25, 07:37
ggs everyone, thx for all players and those who run the event, was fun!
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