ParadokS  /  14 Jan 2013, 12:49
Salvation live draft
Signups for Salvation season 3 ended last night and tonight we will have the live picks by the 8 captains on live stream.

The stream starts at 20:00 CET.
2013-01-14, 14:13
Sweeet! kp for captain, or wait, ye he already is.
2013-01-15, 00:23
Great stream as always, enjoying watch it and hearing all the commentary as well. Some funny moments. The teams are rather interesting this season.
2013-01-15, 11:57
I was afraid it would be a bit tedious with so much delay between some of the picks. I think the reason for that was that many of the captains didn't even have one whole day with the template with the players, and most of our seed lists were a bit messy and not very representative of what we actually wanted to pick.

Good to hear you enjoyed it anyways, pg. Probably means a bunch of others did as well.
2013-01-15, 14:07
very interesting draft. thank you very much !
Looking forward to see Griffin .....
2013-01-15, 20:09
Looking forward to see Griffin training to face Milton in 1x1..
Griffin vs Milton - 2013, this would be legendary!
2013-01-16, 05:39
Rikoll I might be able to relate as I've captained a draft team before so when I hear panic or distress from a captain I know exactly what is going on. It seems like an easy thing to draft but it is anything but. I don't know the EU scene well so all the various comments about players is always new information for me.
2013-01-17, 08:49
wernerml, im sorry to say but i think griffin has been away to long to compete, even if he got back to hes normal shape, milton would win with ez.
2013-01-17, 10:28
The most legendary duels in qw history are Griffin vs Dag at QHLANs. They played more than 1 final to say the least.

Sorry Reppie and Milton
2013-01-17, 22:24
yeah, I think to be able to compete with Milton, maybe training for, at least, a couple of years!
2013-01-20, 00:49
would be enough with 6months against the best i guess.
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