ParadokS  /  29 Nov 2012, 11:50
Weekly movie update
So I'm falling behind again on the video section. Shame on me. Last week was Team Fortress week with a lot of great TF videos. They kind of came in a clump here the other day so the chance you missed them is pretty high. With this overview I hope you will give them another chance as there are some real gems in between that are worth a watch, even for non TF fans. Especially do yourself a favor and checkout Redemption & Team Fortress Done Extreme 2. Enjoy.
Perviy Blin Komom

A Team Fortress movie with a lot of arena style soldier fighting and some pretty nice scout flag-snipes. There's a small chance you might not make it through all 4 minutes 51 seconds due to the soundtrack that can be a little... harsh.

My personal rating: 2/5


Short Team Fortress movie, 1on1 soldier arena style. Smooth editing and soundtrack.

My personal rating: 2.5/5

MDM Video

Team Fortress fans should love this movie. At a whopping 19 minutes there should be enough to satisfy the most die hard TF players. Enjoyable soundtrack and action from start to finish there is plenty to watch here. Finally a TF movie with some nice sniper action as well

My personal rating: 4/5

The Chosen One

Nice little TF frag/trick movie. Smooth editing and a blast from the past of a soundtrack.

My personal rating: 2/5

Care Factor Zero - The Movie

Top grade production. Coming in at 39 minutes this one of the very long videos in our archive. It is very well produced with many different and creative sections. Definitely watchable even if you are not a TeamFortress fan.

My personal rating: 4.5/5

Gomorra Hardcore

Typical TF movie with tons of Soldier action and metal/rock soundtrack. Nice and clean GFX setup and some pretty neat frags.

My personal rating: 2/5

CovertOps TF League

An out of body experience, as we don't have any footage from 1st person view. A fun way to display the often chaotic gameplay of Team Fortress where the goal is to capture the flag.

My personal rating: 3.5/5


One of the best intro's I have seen from our QW movie archive. Top notch production quality throughout the movie. Great GFX settings and soundtrack. Smooth editing and nice content. Hard to say enough good things about this gem.

My personal rating: 5/5

MTF: Raped Idiots

A TF video with emphasis on midair gibs although there is a nice section with pretty high quality tricks as well.Well produced movie in terms of content, editing and soundtrack. High quality GFX settings makes this even more enjoyable.

My personal rating: 3/5

Team Fortress Done Extreme 2

The 2nd installment of TF Done Extreme series. If you haven't seen the first one, go watch that right away. From the first movie one have very expectations for the 2nd. and let me say - it does NOT disappoint. Nice special effects, narrative. Great GFX settings and quality. Top notch editing and soundtrack. Mind you it is 20 minutes long, but worth every second.

My personal rating: 5/5

That does it for this (last week). I will try and get this week (for real!) video's out asap. If there are any QuakeWorld movie interested outthere that wants to contribute to the site and help getting these videos reviewed and added in a more steady pace than I have been able to, please leave me a message
2012-11-29, 20:42
Haha. Found myself doing some real amazing tricks in tf ;D
Can't believe how long time ago that was...
2012-12-05, 09:58
TFDE2 holds a special place in my heart, love that movie!!
2012-12-30, 15:08
My favorite not so famous TF videos from good old days:

1) QWTF: Sniper attacks

2) X3 presents: McLaud is Engineer
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