ParadokS  /  27 Nov 2012, 10:32
Salvation has reached playoffs
Last night Week 2 Recap show aired which marks the end of group stage in Salvation draft. This opens up for the anticipated playoffs where hopefully we will see even better quality games as teams are starting to shape up and conform to a higher standard of teamplay and efficiency.
Last nights Recap Week 2 show with ParadokS, nitram and our guest andeh went into overdrive as we had to cover all Sunday matches with a hint of drama. andeh was kind enough to assist us with some division 2 player analysis and his own two matches, that secured his team (Milton's Secondary) a 2nd place his group. That means his team will miss a safe spot in semifinals on Sunday and have to play one of the dreaded Wildcard games against Rikoll's 2nd team. The wildcard games are suppose to go down Wednesday and Thursday this week. Although some teams have already agreed to move the schedule so it fits both teams so the exact schedule on the draft site might not be correct at the moment, but we'll do what we can to get it updated as soon as teams inform us.

If you want the full update on last nights action and a preview into the playoff's go checkout the show

Links: Salvation 2012 - Life Draft Show - Week 1 Recap - Week 2 Recap - Playoffs Bracket
2012-11-27, 12:13
"First place in group", " straight to semifinals" wtf?
2012-11-27, 12:17
=D november 27th fool!
2012-11-27, 19:59
are there any demos of salvation?
2012-11-27, 20:20
Demos for every played game are available on the salvation site. Click the "D" in the right column.
2012-11-27, 20:24
yeah nice. didn't see that
2012-11-27, 21:28
Yeah, great job with the demos for Salvation. I really appreciate it, I've downloaded almost every single one that I missed live on QTV.

I have to say Div1 this season was tight as fuck. The overall map and frag differences is about as close as statistically possible. Even Carapace's team who had 1 map win and 6 losses only had a -305 net frag difference! Crazy.

I also think ParadokS and nitram have done a wonderful job with various coverage. Thanks guys.
2012-11-28, 22:02
thanks for the demos!!!
watching it right NOW!!!
2012-11-29, 08:01
Hoping for some live commentary during the playoffs
2012-11-29, 08:35
Will Valla write some div2 predictions now that he has seen the teams in action?
2012-12-12, 16:46
Great Job all Admins!
and Guest Nitram for the predictions.
fucking nice Salvation Season.

Hot hot!!
GGs and See you all to the next
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