ParadokS  /  13 Nov 2012, 18:06
Salvation underway
Salvation 2012 Fall edition has already gained some traction before any official games has been played. Read on to get a complete overview of what's going on with this new format that seemingly is getting more and more popular.
This Sunday Salvation 2012 aired a live show for the Draft picks. Checkout this 1hr30min show if you dare, to see in detail how each of the 8 captains picked their players forming this season's teams. Note also that the captains picked not only for their own teams, but for the Division 2 sister teams as well.

That's right folks, Salvation 2012 draft is not only for the most dedicated top skilled players. This season they had an open signup procedure and over 110 players signed up. This is quite impressive considering the strict Sunday schedule and the fact that the whole QuakeWorld 4on4 scene has been completely dormant since the last Season of Salvation ended before the summer.

Shortly after the drafts were done, they aired another live show. This was a 45min session where ParadokS and his two co-hosts nitram and zero were discussing the results of the live draft. The groups were drawn live as well and a number of other interesting topics were touched upon. Among those ddk's 4v4 guide and nitram's blog where he introduces the Salvation teams in great detail. At the moment 4 teams are covered here and 4 more will be published on Thursday, so be sure to check that out. It's definitely worth a good read, it's very informative and will give you insight into team synergy and some interesting perspective on how they might perform. They talked quite a bit about the division 2 aswell. Both team compositions and players, so check the show out if you want a good introduction to the Salvation 2012 season. This information will also be vital if you want to do well in the Goldrush rankings.

The Goldrush site has been reset and everyone given 10.000 fun money to gamble with. All upcoming matches will be added today so it won't be long before you can scratch that itch you had ever since you lost your last paycheck down at the bookies. No worries, we got you covered.

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2012-11-13, 20:08
uuh its alive, shame i missed it. have a blast dudes.
2012-11-13, 22:42
ville peltonen! sad you missed it
2012-11-13, 23:46
Looking forward to the discussion shows this season. I also hope there are demos of every match. :-)
2012-11-14, 17:38
Chobo practice stream at with the mil2 squad!
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