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Hymn of Hope recap + Sunday Schedule
The first day of Hymn of Hope went very smoothly, although with a few dropouts of people who oddly ehough cannot seem to show up for tournaments.

Brackets, how they look thus far, can be seen here:
So far we haven't seen many upsets. The expected teams have won most of the games. However, the Canadian team EuroKillers (squeeze, Blood Dog) have played very well in the Loser's Bracket, winning versus both LethalWiz/grisling and Trash/Molecule. We were also entertained by some great casting. Thank you to QuakePhil who doesn't seem to even get tired of 8+ hours of casting, and thank you to our two guest commentators; Carapace and Milton. You all did a very good job!

There will be a few changes for this Sunday, when the tournament will be concluded.

First of all, all the games will be best of 5. This means that every game, even Loser's Bracket games, will be best of 5. This may sound exhausting, but we think that it's the best way to show which team is better.

Secondly, there will be sort of a fixed schedule. In order to provide the best, most entertaining stream possible, we want to cast all of the games.


Sunday the 4th:

* As last Sunday, we will kick of at 15:00 CET. Everyone still in the tournament should be in the #HoH IRC-channel at least 15 minutes prior to tournament start.

* All games are BO5 on the big 5 maps (dm2, dm4, dm6, aerowalk, ztndm3). A map cannot be played twice. Mappicking is done as usual; team1, team2, team1, team2, decider on the last map, where team 1 is the team with higher seed. Ask admins which team has higher seed if you are uncertain.

* The schedule will look like this:
Game 1: Milton/Maga versus Creature/Moltas
Game 2: bps/carapace versus Rikoll/Xenic
Game 3: persuader/mazer versus WB loser 1
Game 4: squeeze/BLooD_DoG versus WB loser 2
Game 5: Loser bracket SEMI-FINALS
Game 6: Winner Bracket FINALS
Game 7: Loser bracket FINALS

All games will be streamed on QuakePhil's stream as usual!

We hope for a great conclusion to this 2on2 tournament. So far it has been a success and we hope that Sunday will be just as entertaining.

See you on Sunday!

/Hymn of Hope crew
2012-11-01, 19:45
> Mappicking is done as usual; team1, team2, team1, team2, decider on the last map, where team 1 is the team with higher seed.
Guys, please kill the one who made that order "usual".
This is very unfair order which force a lot of potential 3-2 games to 3-0.
Imagine that team2 has 3 strong maps and 2 weak maps. team2 pick some map out of these 3 and accidentally lose it. gg 3-0. But it could be nice 3-2 and team2 can even won the series cos gameplay is very different after 2-0 or 2-2.

Please, change the scheme to correct one:
After two maps if the score is 2-0 in anyone's favor, loser team picks the third map.
If after three maps the score is 2-1, loser picks 4th map.
If needed, 5th map is always the remainder.
2012-11-02, 20:05
I discussed it with admins and completely agree that there are too late to change any rules 2 days before the games.
Too late to tell it to teams, etc.

But since my suggestion makes games really more spectacular, I decided to ask all teams.
In that case all teams will be aware and if all teams will agree that new rule is much better, it will be much easier for admins to change the rule.

I asked all teams. Both players if it was possible.
And there are the results:
milton/maga +
mazer/persu +
bd/sqz +
rikoll/xenic +
moltas/creature +
cara/bps +

As you see every single team found it good/nice/awesome.

Actually got quite positive feedback and want to share some:

<mazer> with giving more thinking in to it, sounds pretty clever
<mazer> it's like the stronger team never gets to toss their worst maps away

<sd-cara> if you´re down 0-2 it makes sense that you get to pick the map
<sd-cara> it will be better for the spectators atleast
<sd-cara> nice initiative, always good to have people who care

<Milton> I agree
<Milton> team1,team2,team1,team2 just doesn't work too well
<Milton> losing team should be the one picking

<Creature> yeah i agree
<Creature> that system is better
<Creature> if losing 2-0 gets to pick the third

<[DP]BLooD_DoG> of course you get my vote
2012-11-02, 20:23
Nice! (I thought that this was the current rule)
2012-11-02, 21:16
Like I've told you multiple times already B1aze:
I agree too, just like the players, that another system would be more enjoyable. Not necessarily more fair (since it wouldn't be fair if one team picks more maps than the other), but it would indeed be more entertaining for the spectators.

I also said that we will not change any rules MID-TOURNAMENT. I fail to see how you cannot understand that :-) For the next tournament we host, we will surely have discussed everything and perhaps change the rules.

End of discussion.
2012-11-03, 07:40
Go andeh!
2012-11-03, 12:04
It's ok that rules remain the same throughout the tournament. But nothing stops the teams from agreeing to the suggestion by themselves. The team that leads 2-0 can easily ask the other team which map it prefers so it can choose it for them
2012-11-05, 11:35
"although with a few dropouts of people who oddly ehough cannot seem to show up for tournaments." Sorry, I will redeem myself in the future... :-(
2012-11-05, 22:36
WIll any demos be available? :/
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