Andeh  /  19 Oct 2012, 18:27
Suddendeath launches new homepage!
After many hard hours of work, Suddendeath proudly presents their new clanpage,

Suddendeath stated: "The primary workload has been carried by bps, doing all the graphics and coding. Carapace has helped to his capacity with ideas, information gathering and content writing. There are plans for more features on the page, and we hope that this trend, that once died out, will catch on once again!"
We advise everyone to check out their new homepage!

2012-10-19, 19:42
Awesome! Clan sites are greatly missed... The old ones with match reports, news and tagwalls
2012-10-19, 23:45
Very nice, really stylisch!
It's really cool that your members have pictures in the same style. Keep it up!

Zalon is right and I guess most agree on that. I also think it's crucial when it comes to presenting QW to newbies. Sooner or later a potential QW player will google for "quakeworld clans"...and what will he find? Some links to Wikipedia, former leagues and outdated clansites from the '90s
2012-10-19, 23:58
Cool site. btw. How to become a water boy? heheh
2012-10-20, 09:58
Water boy is a title assigned to people who have personal social bonds with the members! It truly is a great honor.
2012-10-21, 11:29
Amazing job by bps and cara. Makes me even more proud to be the Godfather.
2012-10-21, 19:06
I liked reading about the all the members. Well written indeed 8)
2012-11-12, 10:46
Good work bsp !!!
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