ParadokS  /  8 Oct 2012, 16:26
'Weekly' movie update
WIth the last site we had up and running the intention was to have 2 videos a day 5 days a week being released from our archive on to the media section. This process got halted with the new site being in production but we should be operation again.
We will try and resume where we left off, so there is some overlay. So last weeks videos in this overview is a compilation of some videos added months ago, and some last week. We will do our best to keep the videos flowing from now on though.

The videos are added to the site in chronological order, as they were originally released to the scene. Enjoy.
What could best be described as a promotional, inspirational and a 'thank you' video to the QuakeWorld community for supporting him in his jorney to become a better player.
Nice soundtrack and I guess we can't ask for too many epic frags in this context
My personal rating: 3/5

Bores Done Lame 2
Hopefully you've seen last week's Bores Done Lame, so the concept should not be unfamiliar. We want to see epic bores, *trollface* and facepalm induced moves. As always we are first introduced to what we expect from a QW movie. Few nice airgibs and leet tricks.. now get on with it .. WE WANT MOAR BORES!! Unfortunately the ratio of bores:nice-frags is just not high enough for me
My personal rating: 2/5

1 minute 30 seconds of acid trip leading up to a few mins of fragging, presenting us with clan Denial. Really poor config/quality but nice idea.
My personal rating 1/5

Mac One
This video was released 10 years ago and it shows. Framerate feels low and graphics are not up to snuff of today's standard. That aside, I can't help but feel good when I watch it. It got a nice flow and the music is fitting. We got some nice frags through out the movie. Kind of poor editing drags the rating down some for me though.
My personal rating 2/5

Best Russian Frags
Apart from xn and gor we are not really seeing much of the Russians these days. This video will give you a chance to checkout some of the more famous Russians from the QW scene like gLAd, delitel, groMM, camperoid, band, slam and more. Soundtrack is definitely not for the feighnt of heart. Again a slowmotion video from start to finish, although some decent quadruns here and there.
My personal rating 3/5

Dag Def Extreme 2
Aweome soundtrack and camera movements in the start really sets the atmosphere.
Where as the first DDE movie started out soft with a lot of slowmotion tricks, this one kicks you right in the face with a plethora of amazing gibs. A cool little warning leaves a moment to catch your breathe, before presenting you with some crazy ass tag-teaming tricks that apart from this movie, you haven't seen before
The soundtrack is the by far the best we have heard so far as well.
My personal rating: 5/5

A promotional video made for CMT (Custom Maps Tournament). A project lead by Link in effort to get more maps into the 4on4 scene. Soundtrack dabbles in a lot of genres and we do both get to see some epic failures and really nice frags. One of the better videos in our archive for sure.
My personal rating: 4/5

Don't get fooled by the slow intro. This high quality, fast paced video doesn't leave you wanting. Great editing and awesome soundtrack makes this video a pure joy to watch from start to finish.
My personal rating: 4/5

Gods of Hellfire
A tribute video to the clan 'Gods of Hellfire', a Belgian team. Unfortunately we have seen way too few of such videos, that really help capture identities of teams throughout the years. Players associated with this team and former opponents will surely feel some sentimentality in watching this.
GoH was not known for being a top clan, but they were persistent though. After a straight 22 loss they finally won their first match, which was obviously a big moment in this clans history
Despite not being a top rated team by any means, there is a ton of material. The poor quality really drags it down some unfortunately.
My personal rating: 2/5

Lohjan Dag Done Extreme
A funny little video showing off Lohjan Dag (Diki) saving the day for GRHU with one last quadrun. If the video won't take you back in time, the soundtrack sure will
My personal rating 3/5
2012-10-08, 16:58
netQuake too?

I'm enjoying these additions anyways! Some I've never seen, or just re-joying them again!
2012-10-10, 14:06
Nice work. Some really good ones )

(Edited 2012-10-12, 14:05)
2012-10-10, 15:20
Yeah, NetQuake is coming too... Team Fortress etc, we will be doing dedicated weeks for those, when we get to the dates where most of them were released.
2012-10-10, 16:29
A video download section would be nice (maybe I am too dumb to find it?), all 5-6 movies I tried to watch were blocked because of some GEMA love (germany ofc).
2012-10-10, 17:57
Thanks for the continued work and for adding the GOH movie too. Good memories
2012-10-10, 21:22
What Leopold said. Please bear in mind that NONE of these videos can be watched by German players (or those with German host masks) who do not use some sort of disguising IP/hostmask/whatever tool (I won't use any names here).
2012-10-11, 01:45
Germans Germans... We will be adding other streaming options for all the videos soon, the reason I havn't done it yet is because I had to upscale all the videos first, so that youtube/other hosts don't convert them using shitty bitrate.

You can see an example video here, with 3 streaming hosts:
2012-10-16, 04:35
These work: Bores Done Lame 2 Denied Mac One Best Russian Frags
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