VVD  /  8 Oct 2012, 14:43
Thunderdome Season 2 is ready to kick off!
As you all know "Two men enter. One man leaves." (c) Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.
Thunderdome Season 2 is ready to kick off!

After some div-whine we finally settle on the brackets: European section have total 92 players, North American section have total 38 players.

Deadline for the first round is 12th Oct 23:59.

So start seaching for your opponents and lets start the carnage!

If you have questions or other issues with the tournament contact one of the admins on irc-channel #Thunderdome@QuakeNet or in comments!
EU section brackets:
NA section brackets:
2012-10-08, 15:25
sane - answer your emails so we can get our game done.
2012-10-08, 18:31
Better to search him in irc and write email.
2012-10-13, 14:34
No game for James Bonde ?
2012-10-13, 16:42
A little bird tweeted that they will play on sunday after 19 cet.
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