swiNg  /  6 Oct 2012, 09:51
QWnet service extended
Over the last few weeks the QWnet service (also knows as serveme) has been extended to enable broadcasting of messages to/from QuakeWorld servers and the website. This is made possible by having mihawk's QWnet bots monitor selected servers and connect on activity, then communicate with quad|Haudrauf's new QWnet central.
When broadcasting from a QW server, the message source will no longer be displayed as a IRC #channel, but rather as a URL protocol link like qw://ip:port. Windows/mIRC users may want to install swiNg's QW launcher for mIRC, a script that launches your QuakeWorld client and connects to the server when such links are clicked within mIRC.

Note that the same usage rules applies regardless of where you use QWnet. Issues and feedback regarding the new service can be posted in comments or discussed with staff in #qwnet. If you are a server admin and want QWnet connected to your servers you need to contact staff aswell.

As a side note, ezQuake's IP catcher works nicely along with QWnet broadcasts.
Example of a script to connect to a server announced in a broadcast:

bind f9 "join $lastip"
bind 10 "observe $lastip"
bind 11 "observeqtv $lastip"
2012-10-06, 11:55
Awesome with the mIRC script swi, just what was needed to make this app complete
Now we just need a player indicator (2/8) to auto detect the fake .qw mix @ foppa 7/8 ONE MOAAR! messages :p
2012-10-06, 13:27
Cheers. Yes, that has been mentioned. Adjustments and improvements will follow along and I could see this being implemented aswell.

Added a side note about using ezQuake's IP catcher (thanks Haud).
2012-10-06, 14:13
Always nice to see the service to be improved. Looking forward to see how well this is received by the community. It looks pretty cool.
2012-10-06, 14:14
Should be quite easy, since the bot is on the server anyway, and should know the player count... Some mix command that will do the whole message with playercount for you would be good.

However, I still think this functionality should be added to clients for the future, so we don't need the bots on the servers
2012-10-06, 16:57
even if I do understand nothing about this matter
2012-10-07, 03:26
this is cool!
2012-10-07, 06:57
2012-10-10, 18:04
this is great! its handy and reduces the time to find opponents. great!
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