VVD  /  12 Sep 2012, 23:20
Thunderdome: Season 2
We're glad and happy to announce you season 2 of Thunderdome, which is scheduled to start October 1st!

Let's take a look in the rearview mirror at season 1, where we had 125 signed up players from 25 different countries, who was filling out 5 divisions... It was a great ride. And soon, after a long and barren summer break - it's time for another walk through claustrophobic dark zones and blood runs through bad places...
Result from 1st season:
  • Div0:
    1. Rikoll
    2. Locktar
    3. bps
    4. ParadokS
  • Pro:
    1. Creature
    2. nepra
    3. dirtbox
    4. m0lle
  • Regular:
    1. goqsane
    2. petrus
    3. envy
    4. mushi
  • Rookies:
    1. NukeProof
    2. kenzu
    3. iggy
    4. M!zu
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Now let's put the past behind and look at what's ahead of us. There's no chocking news to rules, maps or format - but there are few things worth mentioning.

  • Aiming to make 6 divisions in European section instead 5 as last season (depends on number of signups)
  • Added North American section with 2 or 3 divisions (depend on number of signups, too)
Signup here:
European section
North American section
(You may participate in both sections, if you wish)

For more details visit the Rules page (NA Rules). If you have any questions, feel free to ask the admins (NA admins) on irc-channel #Thunderdome@QuakeNet.

The sign-ups will close September 28 at 23:59 CET. Then we'll have 2 days for div-whine and adjusting brackets. After that your quest for glory begins!

There are about 350 registered users in the sites database - if you have forgotten your password or login name you can request it on the page or ask the admins for it.

If you're a new player, get quake legally and for free @

We welcome each and everyone of you to yet another season of Thunderdome Quakeworld Duel action!
2012-09-13, 16:19
Yay! Finally something happening
2012-09-13, 16:27
*great* news!!
2012-09-13, 16:31
Big thanks to bps for this news article! :-]

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2012-09-13, 18:07
awesome, love tournies
2012-09-13, 19:09
sheeeeiiiit... aw yea
2012-09-14, 08:14
Good work VVD
2012-09-14, 08:17
News! It's a rare thing.
2012-09-14, 09:04
2012-09-15, 11:02
Great tourney, avoiding boring and silly matchups.
2012-09-17, 13:59
Not many signups?! Where is everybody... Should we call it a GG and not host any more 1on1 tournaments? Is it because Rikoll is in? Or because the website (thunderdome) is so old school? Or because summer is not over yet? Or because 4on4-mix is more challenging? Or because Heart of the Swarm is soon to be released? Or because (my guess)75% of all former visitors of lost interest due to lack of updates to the previous website, never to return?
2012-09-17, 14:39
i thought it was like 50 signups already in a couple of days. everyone feels and knows the QuakeWorld scene took a particular hard hit this summer. last fall/winter felt pretty weak overall, and even if we did end on a high note with Salvation Draft, the momentum broke immediately with the summerbreak - which btw lasted unusually long.

Coupled with a new site launch that didn't go as expected, needing another 3 months to launch the current site we fell behind on community duties as well. One tournament like this won't cut it, but hopefully its a good start, and more activities will become available during the fall.

I guess I can disclose we will do what we can to start signups for a 4on4 draft next week. there is HoH, and now thunderdome.. so there should be a little something something for everyone soon
2012-09-17, 14:45
great fill-in there Pair-o-sockS!
This upcoming draft is interesting: is it gonna be flipped, so the low-key players get to pick this time?
2012-09-17, 14:53
Sign up ParadokS!
2012-09-17, 15:07
One tournament may not cut it to get the players back... but the season 2 announcement and the cold weather change in the Netherlands last week will be enough to get me playing again
2012-09-17, 15:17
It's also a big difference between running a tournament this early in the "season" and in the winter. Just can't expect it to come close regarding number of participants.

It's nice to have some activity early in the season though, and there's no reason not to run TD3 this winter aswell.
2012-09-17, 20:02
I hope that some CLANS will return. To be honest, I'm not really into duelling, from time to time I spec a game or watch a demo but that's hardly more than some additional fun. 4on4 is where it's at for me and this regrettably seems to be really slow at the moment.

Would TVS, CMF and KOFF please be so kind as to officially declare their comebacks in October? Thank you very much.
2012-09-17, 20:17
I reckon an even scarier thing is that regular clans seem *poff* gone aswell. :S
2012-09-17, 20:45
Off Topic: Well to be honest, last div1 was a complete disaster in EQL. Donīt think anyone is looking forward to another run of that. I think thats the core reason itīs thinning out at the top year after year.

On Topic: Iīm all in it to support it. The time it takes to participate is literally nothing in comparison in what it takes to organize it.
2012-09-18, 08:04
To me it always seemed that the clan scene became active again after an EQL or similar was announced, not just because the summer is over. I got to admit, the activity looks kinda grim apart from the regular random duels, 2on2s and mixes. I think we need a 4on4 tournament to raise the activity from the current state. And we know HoH is coming(or?), but apparently not in September anyway? Would be nice with some updates about that as well, so you actually know what you can look forward to this season.

Duel tournaments are always nice tho, so I signed up for both of them. Funny to see how some americans started shivering already and not wanting to potentially play on a New York server or similar vs europeans ;-D
2012-09-18, 09:02
? where did they start to whine?
2012-09-18, 10:23
OMG, Jon Snow is alive!

Anywaysss.... you need more overall players, to have a chance for a decent "top division" to compete. If u have 10 players left and 10% of those are good.. but just 2% are REALLY good you have a problem. This goes also if you have 100 players or even 200. Looks like we are closer to the 10 than 100, let alone more than that. So it's not a surprise that it's hard to make good tournaments today for the good players, when there just isn't enough of them around. And for me, the div1 part of the scene, both 1on1 and 4on4 were what made the wheels go around IMO. It's where the rest of the scene would look to for entertainment and inspiration to improve themselfs. The good players in 4on4 scene at least always looked for the best possible team they could be in - of course. You want to win!

But when that part of the scene shrinks in to almost nothing, there is noone to compete with and you are forced to break up and start over in mediocore teams.. coach them yourselfs etc. People were not willing to do that voluntarily. But somehow it seemed like an awesome concept in a draft setting

So I'm looking forward to more of that action!

I for one am not interested in playing 1on1, I also want to play 4on4. So I won't participate just on the merits, that because I am veteran player I HAVE to signup to show support. That should not be a problem in a healthy community, as there should be plenty of duellers out there willing to battle it out. I play what I want to play and beyond that I do a lot of other community related stuff to fill up my schedule.

Regarding the Shivering Americans... Perhaps it's not so fun for a west coast player, having to play with 100-150 ping in new York because he has to face some European, when he could have faced an east coast player from the states with like 70 ping or something.

It's not European conditions where you have a very hard time going over 50 ping to play with almost anyone on the European continent.
2012-09-18, 10:48
ParadokS: Yes, I'd be happy to compete on the Americans conditions. I didn't mean it like that, I understand the mentioned view of things. I tend to uptalk myself a bit when I feel like the underdog, so it was merely meant as a taunt not to be taken too seriously.

I do honestly think you should sign up for duel tournaments. The 4on4 and 1on1 scene interweave more than we think. More interest around a duel tournament will also have impact on the interest of the 4on4 scene, and opposite. Instead of being so up tight about it, just play the official games, and leave it at that?

Can't belive I actually check this site and replies during my coffee breaks again. Again, good job on new site!

edit: Just checked the NA rule section, and it already explains all this quite well: "European players: most of your games could be played on NY server But players from west coast has 100+ms in NY and it is not what we want to achive. So be ready to play your games on Chicago servers vs Canadians and on Dallas and Kansas servers vs US west coast."
2012-09-18, 13:15
Who's being uptight? If there was a CTF tournament and TF, would you play those as well? I know that I would not want to play those either - but I would not feel uptight about passing those. It's just a matter of preference. You never really see me play 1on1. I play few rounds with close friends once in a while. In the meantime you are idling on a server 24/7 spamming for duels. I'd say that's quite on the opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of interest for 1on1 games. Maybe 1on1 will catch my interest again some time in the future. But be sure that I will be there with all the rest, following the action when it gets down to the nitty gritty.. hopefully they will allow me in on a few live streams as well

If people don't want to play 4on4, I'm not asking them to stop being so uptight and join the party, unless they really want to play it. I can encourage them to try it out at least, help them with any questions and give them tips - but that's only to get them excited and interested about the game mode i enjoy the most.
2012-09-18, 14:15
About Hymn of Hope: stand by for an announcement about that. It will unfortunately NOT happen in September, but will happen. We have had problems with announcements etc due to new homepage and all that but an announcement will be released soon!

2012-09-18, 14:15
I feel happy to have stirred-the-pot from 9 to 23 posts with my somewhat strange post
2012-09-18, 14:37
I doubt Rikoll would be getting any less than 100-110ms to NY anyway. I get, at best, 90-95 from the Netherlands.
2012-09-18, 17:07
sfu and signup! :-D
2012-09-19, 18:24
I'm making my comeback so I can win Thunderdome. Rikoll beware!
2012-09-20, 12:46
Need to get the games in goldrush so i can bet on Hagge
2012-09-22, 00:45
Only 60 in EU section?...
This is only 4 divs...
2012-09-22, 23:24
Signed up but I'm still waiting for PC...hope that on Monday.
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