ParadokS  /  29 Aug 2012, 23:54
Welcome to the new QuakeWorld.nu
So, on a technicality we managed to launch the new site on the 29th. (thank god for globalization and timezone flexibility). swi has practically been working around the clock for the last week to meet this deadline. He, and the rest of the development crew would like to wish you welcome to your new, new offcial QuakeWorld community portal.
Bug reports:
If you find a bug on the site or something you feel isn't working as intended, feel free to post in our Bug reports thread in Site Feedback on the forum.

Feature Requests:
We have a todo list so long you would get a headache from reading it. There is a good chance what you think should be on the site, is already in the plans. So if you would constrain yourself to feature requests or changes to current sections/features only, it would be much appreciated. You can post your concerns and ideas in this thread. We will look at all your feedback as we continue to improve the site.

The site isn't DONE, done. We felt it was important to get this new platform started, as soon as we had matching features with the previous site. This is only the begining and hopefully you will see lots of more stuff coming in the future. For now, enjoy browsing the new site, checkout the userbox, updates, the media section but most of all the new Forum.

On behalf of the QuakeWorld.nu staff, enjoy, and see you very soon!
2012-08-30, 00:06
2012-08-30, 01:04
2012-08-30, 01:48
Looks HOT
2012-08-30, 06:34
Thank you very much, it looks great.
2012-08-30, 07:21
Impressive work! A big thanks to everyone involved!
2012-08-30, 07:21
Now this looks a lot better than the previous version. A clean, nice layout, even the forum looks okay now.
2012-08-30, 07:45
Looks nice indeed and the forum seems like a good compromise between the old PHPBB style and a more integrated look.

Thanks to everyone involved.
2012-08-30, 08:06
Looks cool, feels good, thx a lot!
2012-08-30, 08:30
Glad you like it people! The news post will be updated with some brief info about new hot features like Quotes.
2012-08-30, 08:32
I'm lovin' it!
2012-08-30, 09:18
This is much, much better. Keep it up
2012-08-30, 10:05
i Like !!!
2012-08-30, 10:45
2012-08-30, 10:54
Really nice!! good work
2012-08-30, 13:15
Rly pretty work. i like the stony stuff. Lets made QW be the last game played on pc!
2012-08-30, 13:17
2012-08-30, 13:18
100000000 thumbs up, really like it!
2012-08-30, 13:18
2012-08-30, 14:17
Very well done. Applause to all of you!!
2012-08-30, 17:09
Amazing stuff indeed, and very quickly done!
2012-08-30, 18:07
Nice, thumbs up.
2012-08-30, 23:20
like my friend here says (in Brazilian Portuguese):
2012-08-31, 02:07
+1 Like Follow Flattr Retweet Subscribe etc...
2012-08-31, 04:19
I would "like the LIKE", +1, feature also!
2012-08-31, 08:31
I like it
2012-08-31, 20:04
great look and feel! thumbs up if you agree!
2012-08-31, 20:44
...and there was light!
2012-09-01, 09:23
In the beginning
God created the heaven and the earth.
And the earth was without form and void.
And darkness was upon the face of the deep.
And God said: `Let there be light`
And there was light.
And God saw the light that it was good.
And God divided the light from the darkness.
And God called the light day, and the darkness he called night.
And God saw everything that he had made, and behold... it was good.
And God created man.
And man created machine,
And machine,
Machine created music.
And machine saw everything it had made and said: `Behold`
2012-09-02, 09:40
2012-09-02, 11:02
Looking pretty nice. I hope it resurrects activity as we hope!
2012-09-06, 12:25
goodie good job lads
2012-09-07, 17:09
omg sassa is back!
2012-09-11, 01:42
Looks very good, impressive revamp (way better than last spin)
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