ParadokS  /  15 Aug 2012, 14:13
COMING SOON 29/8: A brand new QuakeWorld.nu
As you may have noticed, the feedback that came in after we launched the new site, was not overwhelmingly positive.

The site has great potential and a lot of awesome features on the todo list. We realize the execution and presentation of a new QuakeWorld portal for the community was not all it could be.

So we took a step back, looked at our development team... and then we doubled it, Jay Wilson style! (my fellow diablo fans will appreciate that nugget). With help from swi and dimman we can soon present you with a whole new site.
A small preview can be found here and here. The site has been build from the ground up (again), with a red thread from this site in terms of features and longterm increased community involvement.

As with everything, we wanted to have this done much faster, but there has been some setbacks along the way. Especially for all developers involved. But We are moving forward in fast paces and really hope to bring many of you back to a stronger foundation for QuakeWorld community growth.

Some highlights of the new site?

Lets get the biggest thing out of the way first. The forum has been the heart and soul of QuakeWorld.nu for many years and it would be a shame if we did not do everything in our power to revitalize it once again and bring it back to its former glory.

It has gotten a complete design overhaul and I just cannot stop smile when I browse it
We have gone to great lenghts to get rid of the spam problems we have suffered under in the past. Tools are in place to deal with the spam bots that do get through. This is done very efficient and easy to manage for admins AND trusted users. Increased security when registrating should help ease the problem as well.

Overall design:
As the forum, the rest of the site has a whole new design and feel to it. Much more pleasant to browse and navigate.
This isn't really a new feature, but I cannot stress the importance of this enough. I'd hate to hype it so much that you would feel less about it when you saw it, but ... I can't help myself. I only have one word for it and that's "Aaaaahhhh".

Galleries/videos and other bigger sections:
By this time, the current site was suppose to have plenty more features implemented, and we have all intentions to follow those plans further down the line. We have implemented gallery and videos for the new site (still needs some polishing). But we feel we cannot wait much longer, to relaunch QuakeWorld.nu. The new site will be in continued development and as we finish new sections/features on a dev-site we will move those over to the main site and keep you guys updated.

Bugs and pesky annoyances!
Bugs and broken code is something we meet everyday on the intarwebz, but we are doing all we can to make sure the experience on the new site will be as bug free as possible. We have spent extensive time testing all features across several platforms. We know this was an issue for many users on this site, and we would not want to make the same mistake again.

So when will it come, you ask? Some time this year for sure!
but what do I know, I'm not making it.

Just kidding, wouldn't wanna keep you in a state of limbo for that long. We do actually have an official launch date. August 29th. Not 'this year' or 'this quarter' but THIS MONTH! That's right folks, this literally is just around the corner.

So now you have one more reason to think about joining us for another great season of QuakeWorld. Draft anyone? Duelmania? HoH? new QuakeWorld.nu portal? QHLAN!?!?

I for one am excited!
2012-08-15, 15:15
*claps hands*!! Guess I gotta get to work!
2012-08-15, 15:24
Great news!

With help from the legendary SWI (known among other things for his incredible work with Salvation) itīs bound to be a success!
2012-08-15, 15:27
graphically it IS a success. I've seen it. And I award it with bps' Seal Of Approval!
2012-08-15, 15:37
i cant wait!!!
2012-08-15, 18:52
My reaction

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2012-08-15, 21:27
Awesome news, was hoping for some news about this! Thanks
2012-08-15, 22:33
I don't think a "brand new" qw.nu is needed.
I'de say what i'de like to see on the site:
* improved forum. this is a must, as you pointed, the most important. the current forum is worst than the one we had before, and there's plenty of "forums" on the interwebs, ready to be used, with cool features;
* tools section: lately we've seen a number of qw-related tools being developed, I think we should encourage all developers to "fill the gaps" on qw experience as a whole. And this has nothing to do with nquake or ezquake and their features. There's always room for tools, proof is the recent qwservers/ezquakeNotifier/launcher which HAVE a goal and they're useful, even tho not for everyone. That reminds me of the ping_tool and the config comparer as well. would like to see those in a section on the website;
* "Community Chat", my baby , i think it's a plus to have it on the website as well.
* Regarding the video section, we live in the ivideo age, it's that important. Since nowadays anyone can create videos easily, I think this section should be community-driven, not only qw.nu-staff driven. If you search on youtube, there's alot of qw-related videos posted, from several users, being the last great ones from ddk. These videos should be available somehow at the video section. The only requirement would be qw-related, and it would be nice if they could be categorized...
* i'm sorry to say but current "photo album" is flawed. captions are needed for the photos. In 99% of the photos i don't know who's that person, which is annoying. i understand that is difficult to describe each image. That's why i would create an "archive", for all pictures, and an album, with hand-picked pictures and captions for everyone's viewing pleasure. (Crowdsourcing, anyone? the wiki is a perfect example...)
* about eql and similar leagues (i've been saying this for years) - these league sites have ALOT of comments, which is GREAT. sadly the website's system for comments is very basic, and it's hardly viewable, or searchable. something has to be done about this. mostly all the flame and good popcorn stuff happens in these websites, and that, imo, should move to qw.nu main site.
* better facebook integration. i see great potential here... i would like to be able to login with my facebook account (im not a great fan, but i think for most ppl this is an interesting feature) and be able to be closer to my qw friends, in every way possible (no, not *that* way! =) )

argh, this is a long post, and it looks longer the way it's formatted. it's just some of my own thoughts regarding qw.nu, my bro...

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2012-08-16, 10:37
I don't mean to disrespect anyone who has worked on this site, but no really, a brand new quakeworld.nu was/is needed. That's my honest opinion.

I think we all felt that we could try to patch up something we didn't believe in in the first place, or we could start over and start from a better fitting foundation and build it up. Considering the amount of time mentioned spent on this site (4-5 years) and the current time spent on the new site (some months with inactivity now and then) and taking that into perspective that our new site almost has everything this site has to offer + we think it looks absolutely awesome, I think it speaks for itself.

We've had time to have serious and long discussions about even the smallest thing on the new site, which I think is a positive marker that everyone involved in the site really believes in it.

Regarding your "feature request list", I don't really agree with you, and I think it's one of the problems with this site: You can almost feel how this site want's to do it all and do it great, but the have-it-all theorem has a tendency of kicking you in the butt, leaving you with most things being really shit instead.

That's something we've taken into consideration with the new site also, we don't have everything but the things we do have should work really great. That's the focus.

If you think facebook-login is required to bring you closer to the quakeworld community. I think something else is fundamentally wrong. I consider it more of bloat and also I'm generally against their policies, especially regarding user rights. The simple fact that the Login-stuff has been (and might still be) used to track users makes me disgust it. Most regular users think that they can just skip to login via facebook on that page and they're safe, but the truth isn't that pretty. Every request to even show that login box gives them with your IP.. I think you'll figure the rest. So it won't happen as long as I have something to say, or the advantages outweights the cons by far.

Video's will of course be user submitable

We will have some guides present on the new site, however it is not meant to replace any official source of information if such exists (like ezquake.sourceforge.net), but make it easier for the user to find what they are looking for by collecting links and useful tips etc to one place. I think the same will be applied for tools and other categories. Anything else forces you to have a high level of unnecessary maintainance.

Another goodie though that we have planned is a way of sending messages to a group of people, making it easier to get in contact with appropriate channel and also make it easier to reply for the ones getting the message. For example: If you think you have a brilliant idea of something that we probably want, just send a message to the development team through the new site, and everyone in the team will see the message and be able to reply. This can be extended to more groups of course.
2012-08-16, 19:52
Great! Look forward to seeing it. Good to see people are still contributing.
2012-08-16, 20:09
regarding captions (frame someone in the picture and tag a name to it), this was planned for this site as well, and will be a feature on the new site. A fun way to get community involved in tagging each other, making it possible to search for players and find associated pics from the many galleries we have. Great feature I think many will enjoy, even if you aren't all interested in browsing that part of the site

Facebook login; i also thought it could be cool, but I can see the security issue being a problem and the convenience isn't overwhelming to me.

Also mind you, we are all working hard up untill launch-day, and when I say WE, I mean ofcourse everyone else but ME =)
We hope that what we have disclosed thus far here, is but a preview and we will be able to add even more goodies and polish the site as well.
2012-08-18, 07:17
let's keep this legendary game alive for ever!

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2012-08-18, 11:11
Cool to see that things are still being done to this community - it has really felt dead silent the last few months. Some might say that it's just the usual summer idleness...

However, forum should be priority 1, far above any other stuff on this new version of the site. The forum really died with the new version of the site and that is critical!

Huge n warm thanks to all the guys still going strong.
2012-08-18, 14:33
2012-08-18, 16:00
And I was like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNkPoeYBtTQ

But it is good to know things are not dead yet. While I haven't played for years I'm also still trying hard to contribute. QRP needs a resurrected model section btw!
2012-08-22, 22:11
Sounds like an early christmus coming. Cant wait to get there The previewshots looks really nice and clean!
2012-08-24, 20:50
This sounds promising and the previews look great
2012-08-25, 12:59
Great! Looks like old good 90s. Love it.
2012-08-26, 13:55
nice !!!!
2012-08-28, 08:57
Amagaad, is that tomorrow?!
2012-08-28, 16:51
*sniff**sniff* I smell technical difficulties and delay in the air ;P
2012-08-28, 19:02
Hopefully we get some tournament announcements as well after the release of this new site?
2012-08-28, 22:29
2012-08-29, 01:43
Yeah, I'm waiting for a release...
2012-08-29, 09:04
Let's see it!
2012-08-29, 12:12
Still no new site?! The people is waiting!!!!!!!1!1!one!1!1
2012-08-29, 15:44
2012-08-29, 16:04
Is it delayed or will it be up later today?
2012-08-29, 18:22
oh shit, today is the 29th!
2012-08-29, 20:22
The horror
2012-08-29, 20:40
?Why are we waiting, why are we waiting, why are we waiting...?
2012-08-29, 20:47
29th isn't over yet
2012-08-29, 21:04
I guess it is still 29th in some corners of the world even 11 hours from now
2012-08-29, 21:16
Oh its close!
2012-08-29, 21:31
2012-08-29, 22:52
Quit your whining...
2012-08-29, 23:03
and it's on!
and its amaziiing..


THANKS ALL DEVs! the new site is A M A Z I N G !!!!!!!!!!!! love yooouuuuuuuu... =)
2012-08-29, 23:10
Ya, feels great!
2012-08-29, 23:51
It's impressive. Great job.
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