Andeh  /  26 Jun 2012, 15:38
Community news: bps kitchen-LAN
The summer is here and the QuakeWorld scene is pretty quiet as always during the summer, but there are those who don't stop playing. In a failed attempt to blog on, bps wrote this:

"Hi guys! Guess it's time for my first blog post here. Yiha!
First off, I'm sad to see so little happens in the community during the off-season. Not a news post since ever. Hardly a comment in forum threads. I think this gives an, incorrect, picture that there's a total desolation in QW nowadays.
Bad rep. And as I mentioned, incorrect. Because there's constantly games going on in our servers! For that part I'm happy. It doesn't take long before you have yourself a game, if you wanna. Relaxed quakin' throughout the summer... with a beer or so

Which leads me to the core of this blog: there's soon a LAN taking place for some more or less relaxed quake! It's called "Kitchen LAN", and it's gonna take place in my apartment just outside Stockholm, Sweden, kicking off on monday 16 July. The somewhat strange name derivates from our original plan to sit all players in my kitchen (since I ranted how big my new apartment was). On a more realistic note, we're not gonna do that

It's gonna be an invite-only LAN with the following 15 more or less known players:
devogen (carapace's brother)
LocKtar (only for a day)
phrenic (borrowing LocKtar's computer when he leaves)
Joad (friend to some (non quaker!))
kenoman (no computer, just visiting)

Planning, overview and seatbooking:
Kitchen-LAN structure picture
We've all talked for long about this, looking forward to it, and now it's finally going to happen! Yiha!
It's gonna be quite unorganised, with random games beeing played, like StarCraft2 and Diablo3 etc, but ofcourse QW. So, if anyone outside the lan wanna play against/with us, give us a shout in #suddendeath @ quakenet. Could be fun doing some qw 4on4 action. Peekaboo Slackers, TVS, whatnot.

Okey, enough for now.

//Sudden Death bps"
2012-06-26, 17:17
Good times, have fun!
2012-06-26, 20:10
Sounds awesome!
2012-06-27, 19:28
May I attend my Dear Friend?

With kindest regards,
Sir Rysiek
2012-07-09, 15:03
Thanks for my invite BPS. I am free this weekend :|
2012-07-17, 04:35
That really cool, BPS!
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