phil  /  14 May 2012, 14:48
Milton wins the Hoonymode beta-test!
Congratulations to Milton who defeated the runner-up LocKtar. Also thanks to everyone else who played in the tourney: andeh, bps, maga, swi, Mors, matuka, and Rohva! Final results can be seen here.
I'd like this thread (as well as the previous one) to serve as a place for lessons-learned and any other kinds of feedback.

Personally, I found two serious issues (as did all the spectators I'm sure)
  • on DM4, almost every spawn pair had the mega spawn in it. I'm not sure what causes it, I'd have to review the vods but I think at least one spawn pair did not have mega (in the first set...) Perhaps a different spawn mode should be used, or the mega spawn should just be removed from DM4 completely for hoonymode, as I didn't see any issues with spawns on other maps.
  • DM2 was stupid long It might have been an entire hour, over 40 minutes for sure. The simplest way to solve this would be to have DM2 always be a best of 1.

Let me know what you guys think about Hoonymode below!
2012-05-14, 17:39
Quite elegantly made for a brand new mod. I'm not too sure how well it stands up to the promode version, but perhaps Hoonymode could become a great teaching tool for beginners, and at that - it's a great fun mod, its designed to be quick, smart, and easy to pick up.

Also on the note of map problems: Perhaps DM2 should be removed? DM2 to me seems to be too big for duel, and even bigger for Hoonymode. Also I don't think the mega-health spawn should be removed on DM4, it adds to a learning experience.
2012-05-14, 20:14
I don't see a problem with mega spawn on DM4 either. If anything, without saying it actually does proves something, it seemed to indicate that the mega spawn isn't that bad compared to any lg spawn if a lot is on the line. Maybe people just disregard it too easily in "normal" tournament duels? Both Milton and LocKtar managed to get out of there

There HAS to be a bug somewhere with the spawns. The problem wasn't apparent only on DM4, but on aerowalk as well. The milton vs andeh aero rounds seemed to work fine, then suddenly come to a loop with the same spaws over and over. I would say, with almost certainty, if it is truly based on an actual spawn model, that spawn model is unsuited for Hoony, or there is some bug somewhere when implementing it into the mod.

And yes, DM2 got tedious and boring, even though the frags was spectacular at times. Either add some time limit (that of course should count fo all maps), or disregard the map all together. I think Johnnys suggestion was quite good. After 3 minutes, the person with most health+armor wins. I think a special round limit for one map is a bad idea. It is basically the same as saying something along the line of "OK, this map sucks, but were giving it a handicap to make it less boring".

I still think DM2 has it's place in regular duels, but I wouldn't exactly start crying if tournaments started to run with some other map in its place (skull? i have rarely even played the map, but it is great fun to play and seems to bring high quality competetive games as well. Is there any good textures for this btw? The original sucks :-)).

Unfortunately, I couldn't play myself as I stated in the news post earler this week. But in general, it was OK to watch, even with itchy fingers.
2012-05-14, 21:39

If you want I could do a retexture pack of Skull for you.

Also on the topic of custom-maps, perhaps throw in Hate and apdm3 (Perhaps I could make a modified version with the ability to do tricks?)?
2012-05-15, 01:01
As a pure spectator, I found ztndm3 and dm2 the most fun to watch. They allowed the players to get loaded up for some good battles. Locktar and Milton had some nice battles at lower. Can a match between Locktar and Milton be "too" long? Not for me.....

I was waiting for someone to try and "camp" their way out of mega on dm4 but I imagine the fact that the opponent would sweep YA and RA in that case wasn't an appealing tactic. Aerowalk was nice too when the spawning wasn't repetitive. I didn't see enough of dm6 to have an opinion though I wish I had.

Anyway, though I prefer watching the QW gods play "normal" duels, it was refreshing to see something new and I appreciate the effort on Phil's part to keep the activity level up.

2012-05-15, 10:19
2012-05-15, 21:12
Personally I don't really see how a map can be good for both 1on1 and 4on4, and any map of dm2 size/connectivity is going to have problems in Hoonymode (consider that some standard 10min duels end with the winning player having under 6 frags, which basically doesn't happen on other maps).

I think where a new mode is concerned and people are still learning the mechanics, this is the perfect opportunity to take a fresh look at the map pool. I concur with Rikoll that if you have to start making special dispensations to make a map playable, then it probably isn't very good for that particular gamemode in the first place.
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