phil  /  7 May 2012, 22:47
HoonyMode one-day beta-test Tournament
Want to win a 250 video card that I won on and cannot use since I have different upgrade plans? (That's the equivalent of a 4 month supply of ramen noodles.) Then sign up here below for the hoonymode beta-test tournament!!! Everybody is invited, especially top dogs. And by top dogs I mean Rikoll and Milton.
Hoonymode is like regular /1on1 mode, modified to eliminate spawn-rape and to promote positional play. More details can be found on the wiki and, of course, it has not been fully play tested yet, therefore this tournament

#qwrookie @ quakenet

Sunday, 13th of May, 12:00 - 22:00 CEST

Sapphire HD 7870

Map pool
DM2, DM4, DM6, Aerowalk, ZTNDM3

Tournament will be best-of-five for all games. Remember, this is hoonymode. A single hoonymode first-to-6-by-2-or-more set can be as short as 2 minutes. Currently, I'm thinking best of 3 sets for each map, and then best of five maps. This may change (increase to best of 5 for each map?) as I receive more feedback during this week. The intent is to have each map be played for as long as a regular 10-minute duel would be.

Time schedule

Saturday, 12th of May
18:00 - Signups close
19:00 - Brackets are released

Sunday, 13th of May
(Schedule structure borrowed from HoH may edition, and may change as the date approaches)
11:45 - check-in at #qwrookie
12:00 - round of 128
13:00 - round of 64
14:00 - round of 32
15:00 - round of 16
16:00 - round of 8 (games start being best of 5)
17:30 - semifinal 1
19:00 - semifinal 2
20:30 - 3rd place game
22:00 - FINALS

Note: if your favorite server does not have the /hoonymode command enabled, you should message the server admin to upgrade ktx and enable it using k_allowed_free_modes. A list of servers with hoonymode is available here.
2012-05-08, 14:28
omg omg.
signing up.

note: (portugal) has hoonymode aswell.
2012-05-08, 17:18
Damn it. Gone on work trip until the 16th. Nice initiative, and hopefully you'll get plenty of signups.
2012-05-08, 20:43
It's mother's day on 13th, this possibly might cause some difficulties for a few players to participate.
Hopefully this will turn out as a success nonetheless. Please make sure to spread some demos of good games to promote the tournament/hoonymode for those who are going to miss it
2012-05-08, 21:18
Yeah and its HoH the weekend after that, and some other excuse the weekend after that. I'm at a point where I don't give a fuck
2012-05-08, 21:19
Signed up!
Hope you're aware Phil that the tournament checkin is 5:45AM your time. Could be harsh on a Sunday-morning

See you there buddies
2012-05-09, 14:13

(Edited 2012-05-09, 14:13)
2012-05-12, 08:28
I was bugged to add the bitmask to the Dybbuk servers. That has been done so better get a nice tournament running to appreciate "all my hard work" ;-)

A few days ago I have reinstalled all the configuration for these servers. Since I got some reports of the old ones "feeling strange" this might be a good opportunity to check if this is still the case.

(Edited 2012-05-12, 08:29)
2012-05-13, 20:15
any comments regarding the gamemode from players or spectatotors? yes? no? maybe?
2012-05-13, 20:39
I liked it, but perhaps first to 4 instead of 6, really tiring to play so many games with high focus. and perhaps bo3/bo3
2012-05-13, 22:40
i was just watching one of the vods for a minute (milton v locktar). i don't know what settings were changed but the stream looks great now imo, much MUCH more fluid.
hoonymode seemed to play out really nice too. seems to be easier to commentate on as well with more emphasis on single frags/points. kudos!
2012-05-14, 00:53
I reckon part of the reason for BO5 was to ensure a wide variety of maps being tested.
DM2 looked like a freakin' marathon.

From players POV was there some maps that felt better than others for this mod?
DM4 felt kinda bad. Very small map, many start situations where it's fucked .. all mega spawns. I know people said it was kinda 50/50 getting out of mega alive, I think you were just not playing so serious in the finals because of the spawn bug where it went into spawn loop scenario, red/mega over and over and over.
2012-05-14, 06:52
Perhaps put a fixed timelimit and then give the win frag to the one who has more health / armor?
2012-05-14, 08:50
i dont know about you, but i thought i came out from mega quite often, ofc you are in a big disadvantage but if you are patient enough you have a chans.
2012-05-14, 12:38
I watched the finals on qtv and I have to say it was really enjoyable. One needs to sink in a bit = develope a feel for the flow but to me it seems this has potential.

A additional timelimit would hurt this IMO. Endurance is a part (or should be a part of) quake too (I remember toxjq complaining about the timelimit switch from 15 to 10 in ql for this very reason, beside others). It is refreshing different from all other DM modes and it should stay this way.

As a spectator I found the 3 sec. pause between rounds a little too short, maybe 10 and 15 for the next spawn pair?
Some spawn pairs looked a little silly though, maybe have a fixed set of spawn pairs for every map, would eliminate the advantage that the player with the first point gets too.

Keep it going
2012-05-14, 14:07
Ztndm3 and Aero work pretty well imo, just like Doomed would. DM4 would be a lot better with a bit more variety in spawns. This time it was rather boring. I still think DM2 should be removed from duel tournaments altogether, and especially from HoonyMode.

I tried my best in DM4 in the final, but it wasn't enough this time :L.

All in all bo3 bo5 worked well except for DM2, which was probably the single most exhausting QW experience ever. GGs.
2012-05-14, 15:03
The mega thing on DM4 is certainly a bug. There's plenty of other spawns, it should not be 90%+ mega spawns... (Of course you can come out of mega spawn and even win from it, but that's another story)

Timelimit is one thing I don't want to fuck with. /1on1 does not have timelimit, if you think about it - it is unlimited overtimes until the first frag also. So why should hoonymode be any different.

First to 4 sounds too quick... I think the match length was only a problem on DM2, which, now that I mention it...

DM2 is too long for anything but a best of 1. I think the easiest solution is just to have DM2 be a best of 1 set, and other maps be best of 3 which seemed to work out there.

Sadly, we didn't get to see DM6 in the final. I think its the map best suited for hoonymode brain style of play
2012-05-14, 15:04
And again, I want to iterate how fucking patient you guys were on DM2

I was bracing myself for flame and whine after the first set but you guys said fuck it, and played like soldiers. That's what testing is for, after all!

Keep the feedback coming
2012-05-14, 17:43
At some point during those DM2s I seriously wished I had never signed up for the tournament :E.
2012-05-14, 18:55
But then a (almost) brand new graphics card was found in your mailbox and you reconsidered
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