Andeh  /  12 Apr 2012, 18:51
Hymn of Hope 1on1 cash-prize tournament starting SATURDAY
What alot of people have been waiting for - the 2-day tournament Hymn of Hope kicks off this Saturday, 14th of April. This is the first edition of the tournament, which will be held monthly.

It is time for the project that Zingao started to prove whether cashprizes in a QuakeWorld tournament is a success or not.

Tournament information:

The tournament will be streamed by QuakePhil.

Cash prize distribution (Total of 150):

1. 80
2. 45
3. 25

All times are CET.
Saturday, 14th of April
06:00 - Signups close
11:45 - Check-in at #HoH @ quakenet (DO NOT BE LATE)
12:00-19:00 (or longer if delays occur) - First day's games, info will be given in the channel.

Our hopes are to finish the Winnerbrackets and Loserbrackets semi-finals during the Saturday evening.

Sunday, 15th of April
11:45 - Check-in at #HoH @ quakenet for remaining players
12:00 - Possible remaining games up until Winnerbrackets Finals.
13:00 - Winnerbrackets Finals
14:30 - Losers brackets Finals

The reason for the grand-finals being held at 16:00 instead of later is to prevent overlapping with the draftleague semi-finals that are to be held later the same evening.

The times are very strict, and cannot be altered nor can the admins. If you cannot handle the timeschedule you will be disqualified, no matter how good a player you are. There are no special treatments. For more rules, please visit the Hymn of Hope rules.

For more information about sign-ups or other announcements, please head over to the official Hymn of Hope homepage.

If there are any questions about scheduling or the tournament itself, do not hesitate to ask any admin over at #HoH @ quakenet IRC.

In hope of a great tournament,
the Hymn of Hope crew.
2012-04-13, 10:38
Fuck me sideways, I need to be somewhere at 19:30 cet, that means leaving home somewhere around 18... My only (hymn of) hope is that matches will flow on smoothly, so that I could play saturdays matches (if not knocked out early (which will (never) happen))

I'm pumped!
2012-04-13, 10:54
looking forward to this, but im not sure if i can play this sat.

btw, what timezone are those timings?
2012-04-13, 11:23
what timezone are those timings?

Answer: CET

(Edited 2012-04-13, 11:24)
2012-04-13, 16:31
Hype it up!
2012-04-13, 18:50
CET ended weeks ago, it's CEST now.
2012-04-15, 16:35
Rikoll won the thing? Where's announcements on front page and hymn of hope page?-O

Btw, that tourney site where HoH is on is total crap.
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