ParadokS  /  4 Apr 2012, 20:16
Full Interview with Zalon by Defcon_5
Defcon_5 has released another full lenght interview from last years QHLAN.
This time it's very apropos, with Zalon, who as you know just launched the brand new site you are browsing right now.

The interview is 31 minutes long and well worth to check out. You can watch it over on youtube in 720p.

2012-04-05, 18:23
Got no sound after 12:09 ;(
2012-04-05, 18:27
you got sound only in left channel
2012-04-05, 19:06
2012-04-08, 07:51
Excellent interview!

As a "new" player, I have to agree with everything Zalon said about schedules. Since 2-3 years I'll say to myself: "This time I am to follow the EQL matches on qtv", but since there is no schedule or announcement (that I know of), it ends up with maybe seeing
one or two matches out of pure luck.
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