Zalon  /  2 Apr 2012, 21:59
8 years of QuakeWorld.nu
Today it's 8 years since we launched the first incarnation of the QuakeWorld.nu website, and what better way to celebrate, than by launching a brand new version of the site.

As it seems a lot of people aren't gonna read the full post, here is a quick recap.
Go here to request a new password.
The main site has been somewhat in development hell for the past 4 years, mainly because I've been busy doing coverage and helping out organizing leagues and tournaments. It also seemed like too big a task to rewrite the site, and noone felt like continuing with the old source.

However, now it's here! After 4 years of planning, it might not seems as much, but more features are underway. We just felt that we wanted to launch as soon as we had everything we had on the old site working.

The goal of the new website is to be both an archive of quake history, while also being able to generate activity in the current scene, we should soon be able to add a tournament system, demo section and an option for running occasional events.

Apart from that, the new site is designed to let everyone contribute content to it, hopefully this will keep me from having to gather/pack/publish content after events.

The new site is not completely without new features, some of the new features include:
  • Server browser
  • Photo gallery
  • Video section
  • Redone Configs section (with compare)
  • IRC Webchat (Happy now Mushi?)
The user profiles have also gotten quite an overhaul, and it's now possible to upload pictures showcasing your play/spec setup and your quake place.

There is one issue tho, as the login and user system have been rewritten from scratch, all users need to request a new password, this is done by going here.

If you don't have access to the email you registered with anymore, contact me on IRC (#quakeworld). PLEASE DO NOT CREATE A NEW PROFILE!

To follow the further development of the website, visit my first ever blog post, if you want to report bugs, please do it there as well, but keep the feature requests to a minimum, as my todo is already fairly long.

I hope you will enjoy using the new site!
2012-04-03, 12:06
2012-04-03, 12:07
Cool sh*t. Gj.
2012-04-03, 12:09
liking it
2012-04-03, 12:16
Yeeehaaaw! Zalon <3

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2012-04-03, 12:18
Great work Zalon! I really liked the design of the old site and this one looks great too.
On a side note:
I had problems recovering my password. It changed the @ in my email address in the link to %40 and thus the link didn't work.

Anyway, thanks a lot for the new site.
2012-04-03, 12:20
Yay.. congrats! Keep pushing! :-)
2012-04-03, 12:23
Password recovery worked for me. However there's some errors and missing pages:

Error 403

Error 404 (media -> media in menu)

Error 404 (content -> content, scene -> content in menu)
2012-04-03, 12:46
Love it! Great work, much appreciated
2012-04-03, 12:49
2012-04-03, 12:53
http://www.quakeworld.nu/play seems a buggy
2012-04-03, 12:53
Is there any way to have it with non fixed width?
2012-04-03, 12:58
what a hell, not bad really
2012-04-03, 12:58
What the Hell, not bad really
2012-04-03, 12:58
jOn, the updating of the servers havn't been moved yet... Will work later today.
2012-04-03, 13:12
awesome <3
2012-04-03, 13:34
Looks cool, gj!
2012-04-03, 13:39
Herp, derp.
2012-04-03, 13:40
I appreciate your work, some nice new features integrated, I like that. However I must be honest and say that the UI really needs some more work and redesign. Check my comment on your blog post
2012-04-03, 13:51
congrats all who made this possible!
hopefully the small bugs will be fixed soon.
thank for hard work and dedication!
2012-04-03, 14:55
Wow, congrats to all who are behind/infront/inside of this!
2012-04-03, 15:54
Nice - Also will there be an option to remove pages and have it display all the comments? I prefer my websites like that. Haha.

Love the look!
2012-04-04, 12:45
Where is the f---- like button!
I does have none, glaaaad!
2012-04-04, 22:48
Nice new site
2012-04-20, 09:05
I'm slowly but surely starting to get used to the new site and I must say that I really enjoy all the new features.

How do you set your browser up to be able to join a qw server from it? I talk about the play and observe functions.

Sorry if this is off-topic and should be in the suggestion thread.

EDIT: Something should be done about this comment box, it constantly neglects letters.

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2012-04-20, 10:23
The browser is not functional yet, it was bit prematurely set up. It will come in a later version.
But you can just click one of the three icons on the right side of a server. Play, Spec, QTV. Mine instantly opens ezq and connects appropriately. I guess if you don't have ezquake associated it will ask what you wan't to open them with.
2012-04-20, 11:24
Which was my question exactly: How do you associate mozilla firefox with ezQuake?
It just says it doesn´t recognize the protocol qw:// or something of the sort.
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