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sassa  /  28 May 2007, 14:31
ezQuake 1.8 stable released
The ezQuake crew has released a stable version of ezQuake

ezQuake crew wrote:
This release aims on making QuakeWorld easier to start, configure and play. We have created completely new mouse navigated rich menus which allow you to setup everything you will ever need for comfortable game experience. Configuration management is now much simplified.

We support native connection and playback from QuakeTV. Simply click a hypertext link you get to observe a match, open the file you receive with ezQuake, and in a few seconds you watch the game in absolutely smooth mode, you can turn on multiview, freely switch tracked players, or use any other feature designed for multiview playback.

This release also aims on making the great QuakeWorld teamplay more accessible for new comers. We've added mouse controlled Head Up Display Editor.
It is now possible to put high resolution textures on player models, and choose any color for player models from within the client.

The demo browser has been improved quite a lot, zip archives are browsable like normal directories, and their contents can be added to the demo playlist. You can also play and create gz compressed demos.

This was just a basic list of the most significant changes made to the client, but we've made also a lot of other modernisations and bugfixes. For a complete and pretty long list, see the Changelog manual page.

Official statement from ezQuake developers
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2007-05-28, 18:03
update fQuake please
2007-05-29, 07:13
waiting for security module
2007-05-29, 08:25
great job!
2007-05-29, 22:31
this is an awesome release!
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